Monday, February 9, 2009

Valentine's Week...

Working with a bunch of guys that like to talk as much shit as I do makes the work day fun. Then we sit and chat about things like Valentine's day, women, beer, cars, and anything else that appears from day-to-day.

Unfortunately at this present time there is no nickname's setup for my group, so I'll just make up names instead! "Bill" & "Robert" are the only two people in my department in the office today with me. Bill showed us the coffee mug his wife made him. It has pictures of the two of them in it, pictures of his wife with their baby, and then a piece of paper that gives him a free charter fishing trip. It was pretty cool, definitely creative.

Then the service center (our IT help desk) manager sent us an email, saying she heard us talking about Valentine's and wanted to show us what she got her fiance. It was a brand new, 2008 Kawasaki Vulcan motorcycle. He had previously sold his motorcycle to pay for her engagement ring (everyone all together now: "awwwwwww"). We were pitching idea's for her to give it to him, since she's not sure how to pull it off yet.

We then discussed the thing's we're doing and how much of a commercial "holiday" that Valentine's day is. I only say it like that because people shouldn't need just one day a year to do something nice for the person they care about. Sadly though, because there is more than one guy out there who won't ever send flowers or do something nice, this holiday was born. Those of us that do random sweet things because we care see that day as a day to be creative. Because roses and candy are too cliche. Plus really, I could send roses any other time of year at a fraction of what they raise the prices to. Dozen long stem roses during late Feb - end of January: $50-80. Same place, same flowers, week of Valentine's day: $120+.

Yet doing something creative, something personal, something that makes a moment and shows some thought will do more than any store bought rose or candy heart. I know, nothing says I love you like dark chocolate... But still. Creative is where it's at!

Since I know some of my reader base, that's where my description of what I'm doing for Valentine's day ends.....

On the bright side, PB gets to meet the family this weekend. That should be a good time. I haven't been back in a few months anyway, so it'll be a good time for all. Plus it'll help that we're staying at the Hilton too, so she (or well, me more so) can unwind away from them all. I haven't seen some of the family I'll see this weekend for many years, like close to 3-4.