Friday, November 7, 2008


I'm going to try and ween myself away from writing any future political based blogs, at least for the time being. However, I must plug Dimes' blog, because well, she articulates her thoughts very well and without the anger that is evident in my rants about the stupid people.. So A+..
Something I've learned since yesterday:
  • I love understanding my Jeep in ways most people don't understand their vehicles. I say this because even the slightest change in the way it drives I know how to react. For example, as I started hydroplaning last night, I knew the feel, I knew how it'd handle, I knew how to bring it back without even a slide or motion that would have notified anyone with me. They'd not even know that I kept us from doing 360's down 167! Gotta love that!
  • That apparently I need to wind down a little bit.. I first heard I was a little hyper and what not from one person.. Thinking they were nuts I laughed it off after they had mentioned it once we were off the phone.. I mean, me hyper, it was a good day, I was just glad to be home and happy. Then a second person mentioned it. Totally different people, saying close to the same thing.. Whooops, that's me. So I learned to tone it down a bit while on the phone, even if I'm hyper. Just relax, deep breath and enjoy the day, without being crazy!

Well, I start blogging early. This one was started at 11. It is now almost 2:30. SO my daily blogs entail a lot of the day, as well as last night. Oh well. I shared 2 pitchers at lunch so I can blog about whatever after that..

Well it's Friday, so enjoy your weekends, if it's like last week, I won't blog until Monday. We'll see!!

Take care!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

It likes to sprinkle in Seattle....

Yet, I've noticed a number of drive-thru places that don't have any kind of cover for the car at the window. Who's idea was this? Seriously, I mean, if I roll my window down to pay, get my food, etc, and all I do is get wet for the time it's down, do you think I'm going to go there again? I know I could roll my window up after I pay, whatever, but my windows are manual, takes too much time when it's just a little while. Point is, I shouldn't have to!

Things I've learned since last blog:
  • G-Money hooked me up goooood. Last night was fun. I love my friends.
  • I will not eat at places without a cover on the drive-thru, see above.
  • While I don't mind race type jokes (that's right Dimes, you're my little twinkie!) usually, I'm kind of disturbed at the # of racist text messages going around about our new President actually. I'm not sure why yet, I just know I'm not impressed nor laughing at any of them I end up receiving. Maybe it's because the jokes poke fun at stereotypes, however he's far from your normal stereotype, thus those jokes just aren't funny.
So apparently I get the newspaper now. Despite never reading it. Greaaat. My landlady bought a 3-mo subscription at a Seahawks game so she could get a 'free' t-shirt. Her partner did the same, so she had one subscription going to my house & they kept the other for where they are at. They just need to throw it further up by the garage. Whatever happened to the paper near your door. Was that just back in the day or do some places still get that?

Well the rain has started.. Looks to be around for a while even. Oh well, it already gets dark early, might as well throw the full package in now. Less of a shock than it doing it later I suppose. Hell, it's November, where's the snow?! On that note it's almost time where the stores swap to Christmas music and decorations. I think I found my next tree though. Just need to start working on it soon though!

Well, time to finish up some work then get out of the office.. It's taken me most of the day to type this up as it is. I'm sure there will be more entries tonight later.

Peace out yo! ha

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Tempora mutantur nos et mutamur in illis

I know I hit on it before, but it's even more interesting now.. As change is here and people start to realize that things won't be the same (because we really wanted the same right?), the little tidbits people post, talk about on forums, blogs and things seem to be the same. They spout off about different pieces of information that still aren't true. Funny thing is, it gets them no where.. you can't sway people now. You want to say he's a terrorist, or communist, or anything of that nature... great. Please do. However, with your "argument" please quote facts, including a source. The email you were forwarded from your sisters baby's daddy's uncle who got it from his co-worker's cousin who saw an article online somewhere on MySpace won't really count as a source though. How about something with some real substance to it... Like for example, I referenced McCain's age before. I don't like that he's old, and not just a fresh senior citizen, but old. He's 72. That's a fact. The average US life expectancy (per the CIA) is 75.9. Meaning that if elected, there's a chance he'd be dead before he even finishes his term. <<See that? That's my opinion about not liking his age mixed with facts to show he is indeed 72, and the life expectancy is 75.9. Notice how that works, then you can combat my facts with your personal opinion on why being near death age is ok to be president.

However, they won't find facts for their stupidity argument.. Because most everything they want to link, connect, bitch about, cry about, and be upset over is just their pissy attitude that their candidate lost. It's how life will be for you.. win some, lose some. If you're that big of a baby because you lost, I can't even imagine what it must be like to play any kind of game or sport against you. The type that loses at pool and throws their stick across the room. Because it was definitely the stick's fault, not the tool holding it.

It is funny to note, we may not be (as) racist... but there is plenty of stupid out there. I'm open to others opinions. And opinions don't always require facts. But if you're going to spout off about someone and state things as if they are facts, well, better verify them before hand. 'nuff said.

Change is not merely necessary to life — it is life.

.. and change there is. Not a little bit of change even, but a lot of change. After Election Day '08, things will forever be changed. People (some anyhow) looked past race and age and decided that things that were previously working would not work any longer. Out goes Bush and anything else the Republican's controlled. Sadly though, that also appears to be the case with the Washington governor race as well. That's one place we needed change to Republican to get the Wicked Witch of the West out of there.

Enough people were fed up with the economy, the war, Bush, & all the crap. John McCain seems to be a nice guy. But so were my grandpa's, and well, in their 70's, I wouldn't want them presidents either, and I love them. He's about 4-5 years from a nursing home. I'm surprised he got as many votes as he did to begin with. But that's what America is all about. Grandpa's, Mom's, Dad's, anyone can run.

But on the humor side of it, today's Myspace & Facebook status messages are quite entertaining. People bummed, talking about the rise of Socialism, Communism, distributing the wealth, etc. It's going to be an entertaining few months I'm sure, as those people refuse to accept the change. Instead they'll critique every move, saying the whole way "This is why he shouldn't have won.." because you know, McCain would have been so much better... only problem is, over 50% of America doesn't agree. Which is why McCain's heading back to his Senate job while he has it.

So the life of a technical nerd includes trash talking over work email in database queries. For example, a knock on me and "No-arms" out of Vegas..

Select * from CANDERSO_HAREM
where ARMS <> 2

Then we all start combating each other in SQL querries. Yes, we are those people. I think later today I'm going to blog about the above statement and how I feel about that whole thing.. Because I've put a ton of thought into it, for reasons I don't know that I understand fully yet..

Things I learned yesterday...
  • I'm growing up. I know that's kind of obvious, but I realized as people were forwarding stupid text messages about the election, that I didn't really think it was funny. I knew the historic event unfolding around me & the last thing I thought was that it was a funny thing. I didn't find the racist or crude remarks funny even in the slightest. Which is really odd, since I find almost anything funny and nothing tabboo. I guess when you're dealing with something that is as historic as MLK, it's hard to see the humor in stupid shit like that.
  • That after 3 years of living & enjoying the single life, I'm slowly starting to hate it. Well, maybe hate is a strong word? I just see all these things I really want to do, and I'm kind of getting tired of not having someone to share them with. Though funny enough I think out of all the people I've met, somehow, I think PB has it. But we'll see.
This is all for right now. I hope all my friends are having a great Wednesday and the woman of my dreams is thinking about what she wants for the future.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Believe it or not, I'm quite impressed.. WOW.

I can't do everyday..

.... I'm just not that hardcore. Dimes reports in her blog that there's a 'Blog daily for a month' contest for faithful bloggers. I guess the idea is to blog everyday for a month, but November is their big giveaway month. I wasn't sure what it was exactly so I figured I'd Google it and see what I'd find. But as I've said above, I just won't do everyday. Especially if my internet doesn't quit sucking balls at night. That's right, only at night the past 2 nights does my Internet just suck. I wake up and it's fine, like there was never a problem. It better work tonight or Comcast will be getting an unhappy phone call.

Things I learned yesterday... hmmm I didn't do a whole lot yesterday, but I did learn that ESPN (which is owned by Disney) is democrat based. I learned this because they did a Monday Night Football interview with both McCain & Obama. I would say Obama definitely got more speaking time & was the first interview. McCains was shorter and there wasn't really any kind of intro. Definitely something interesting to see. Or maybe that was just my read.

On a side note for history's sake, today's election day '08. The mud slinging is finally going to slow down after today. No more stupid ass political commercials, though I'm sure there's going to be recounts and lawsuits, if it follows '04. Wonder if Washington will see another stolen governor election.... but given the presidential election it'll be hushed away like in '04. Soon it will be over at least.

G-Money has his second interview here today. I can't wait, I'm hoping he gets it. He needs a good company like this. There are secondary benefits, but those are very minor compared to the good reasons.


Monday, November 3, 2008

Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes...

Ok, so it appears I don't blog a lot on the weekends... I was going to last night but mid paragraph my internet went down and when I went to bed it was still down. Luckily, it was up this morning when I went to work. I'm kind of glad I skipped last night, I had so many things mentally running through my head, I was having a problem actually putting them on paper (or screen).

This year, November will be a little different. It'll be 3 years of learning and growth on my part, flying solo, doing my thing. Things have changed a ton since 2005. I think that's the thing that surprises me most, though I know I'm not the only one surprised by that fact. 3 years and I'm still single. That used to last a week or two, maybe a month. Those that have known me the longest definitely know I normally don't stay single for long. I guess it's different when you get royally burnt and refuse to just spend that quality time with anyone that you meet.

I've been asked through people I've met, questions online from dating sites, etc, what it is I wish most for the future. Honestly, now that I've got a house, I kind of miss the domestic piece. Having someone to share it with. Cooking dinners, watching movies, breakfast in bed, etc. I think that is the one thing I really look forward to is that. But I'm not going to rush it. I'm not going to worry about it. I'd rather be single and live life then settle down with someone full of red flags, which has been my past. So single for as long as I have been is not a bad thing, or well, I suppose it's not. Everything happens for a reason right?

New lesson of the weekend..... no more freakin picture mail sending. I sent a cheer up pic to PT on Thursday night. After she told me about her totaling her car in an accident earlier that day. However, she received it Saturday morning at 3am. Ummm, given the events of Friday for her, it didn't need to get there then. I'd rather it just failed and not gone at all. Oh well. But it appears my earlier observation was somewhat accurate on the drama piece! The other one is still somewhat of an unknown..

New lesson #2, don't go play blackjack with a guy that apparently doesn't know how to play. Though on the fun side his dumbass moves made it fun to flirt with the dealer. We were sharing looks all night. Sadly though, I am not so sure how one would pass a # over to a dealer, given the strict rules of casino's. So I didn't. But really, who the fuck hits on a 17?! And splits 10's with a dealer face card showing? Who splits 10's anyway?! Needless to say, no more gambling around that crap. It's one thing when it's a video game, it's another when it's real money.

Well, that's a good enough start, I'm sure I'll blab on tonight later once I get home. Due to fairly tight expenses the next two weeks, I'll be chilling at home more than a lot of other activities.

Fun times!