Thursday, January 15, 2009

Steps... take one, then another..

Given the theme of blogs past, there are a number of things I'd love to do before I die. I'd love to open a small diner. I hope to have kids. I desire to not only work for myself, but to be financially set by doing so. With that, I hope to bring friends along for the ride. Because if I'm doing something that makes me a lot of money, why not let them make lots of money too?!

On that note, I've had a lot of really deep thoughts and plans in regards to my future. So much so I believe I have a model that will change the way companies use and acquire technology going forward. Kind of like the "Best Buy" of IT. I've floated different aspects of different pieces through my head for a while. Last night on the way home, about 3 pieces floated by each other and clicked.... Thus my new goal of making a million in less than 5 years.

Wow, I was just pointed (by coworkers) to a news article talking about a 22yr old girl who is auctioning off her virginity to pay for college. Highest bid thus far? $3.7 million. I don't know what school she plans on going to, but I think that pretty much covers it. But hey, why stop there, she's starting off as a prostitute, might as well keep the process going. Because once you're the woman known for selling her virginity, I'm pretty sure no good guy is really going to want to keep you. Not to mention that thanks to the internet, her picture will forever be associated w/ that news fact. I'm sure her kids will be proud to know what their mother did.

Oh and I've mentioned the online recipe Blog before, Favorite Eats.. I haven't written anything there in a few, but my co-author has. PB will get access before long, just need to get her the right ID to login, and then she can add whatever recipe's she wants for the world to see as well. It's gaining popularity too, with 5 people currently watching it for new posts.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New toys...

Oh how I love me some toys.. Yes, that's right, I'm a little kid.. The only difference is that my toys cost more..

My newest collection:

That was my very latest.. Before that, just this morning I was able to score some new boots too!

Once I get those toys in and installed I will post a new picture of the board. Mmmmm gotta love new toys.

Something I've been reading a lot about given it's still early January is "New Year Resolutions"... I guess my main question is, WHY?! Why is it that so many people set unrealistic expectations as if a new year is suddenly a reason to be a different person. I'm sorry, but if you've always been an asshole, I'm guessing you're still going to be an asshole in 2009.

Who benefits the most by these promises? Gyms, psychologists, and then, in the end, Ben & Jerry. There's a reason that each gym has a $200+ deposit (or better known as "start-up fee") and that you won't find any new year special reducing or eliminating that. Because when you quit going after 2 weeks they still get paid!

The problem as I see it is that most people set unrealistic expectations with huge change right off the bat. Instead of starting small and working towards the end result. When someone says "This year I'm going to the gym every day for at least 2 hours! Then in 2 weeks I'll be down 10-15lbs and will be on my way to my year weight loss goal!", they're setting themselves up for massive failure. They're forgetting the increased muscle mass may have the scale appear to be slowly dropping. Not to mention that at a minimum of 3 nights a week it will take 2-3 weeks before your body starts any serious change for the normal person. Thus, after about the 20th of January, Ben & Jerry's sales start increasing. Sad that they have only lost 2 lbs in all their workouts and grunts, they sit at home, drowning their sorrows in a tub of Chunky Monkey.

It's not fair by any means, but come on people. Drastic change doesn't happen over night. It takes steps. Each step being a realistic one at that. You can't expect over night weight loss, you can't expect to suddenly be rich, just as you can't expect to suddenly change your life. Change isn't bad, but you have to be fair to yourself. The big thing is to understand that if you don't accomplish all the grand schemes you set out to do, you didn't fail, you're not a failure, but to keep working on it. Giving up and going back to the old way of things you wanted to change is leading yourself to disappointment. Then year after year you get the same results. Nothing.

And to be fair, my New Year's resolution? I've got to be honest here... I've really not made any this year. I don't really have a reason to, I enjoy my life right the way it is. However, I do have goals I want to accomplish, kind of fits with the "I'm 30 this year, live life!", so I guess it all fits into those. Some of those goals:
  • Don't die. -Simple enough.
  • Snowboard. -Got a board from PB for Christmas, just got my toys above, this goal is on it's way down...
  • Get all my business plans in line for 2009. -Sounds easy & most is done already, just takes a little more time in planning, organizing and figuring out the details.
  • Making sure the people closest to me know how much I do care, both by expressing it verbally and via actions. -again, simple enough.
  • Staying active w/ sports, gym visits, playing in the yard or whatever comes up.
That's pretty much a small sample list of things that are on my list. Granted there's plenty more I want to do, there's plenty more I would like to do but that's for another day. Maybe I'll create a big list and check things off as I complete them.

Monday, January 12, 2009

End of the day... (And post # 50!)

So ends another great Monday. Actually there was nothing great about it. I'm not as stiff today as I was yesterday, always a bonus. After a soccer game friday, throwing about 30 passes on Saturday, then playing soccer yesterday my body finally got it figured out and isn't mad at me. However, I do believe I need to go outside in the yard every day after work and throw a minimum of 20 passes at a target just to get into the arm strength that I'm used to having. I definitely noticed less zip on the ball towards the end of that game, which is where all the screw-ups were coming from. I felt like Brett Favre.

On the bright side, after a disastrous Friday night game, a rough Saturday game, last nights game was freaking amazing. PB tore up everything in the remote vicinity of her making stops that awed both teams out there.

Now that I got her car out of the garage my list for the week is to get my bindings & boots, paint the night stands from upstairs, finish up the AITG web portfolio, do some photoshopping to combat ..... crap I don't have a name for him yet. That's also now on my list.

Now for entertainment: