Thursday, October 30, 2008

Small world...

So looking through my mom's Facebook friends, I stumbled across a name that just looked way too familiar. So I did my cyber-sleuthing to find out more about that person to see if it was indeed who it looked to be. It was that person and she was friends with my sister too.

A simple text to my mom clarified the issue.. That woman works with and sits next to my mom. Really? How odd & crazy is that?

The woman that I'm talking about is the sister of my good friend who passed away back in December of 2001. I haven't seen his family since January of 2002. I've heard updates, sat and had lunch with his old childhood best friend in the spring of 2004, but that's it. And now my mom works right next to her.. You want to talk about a small world.. ... ....

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity

Ohhh what a night. Man, I need more of those! Lessons learned yesterday: Homefield advantage will always be the single most important thing in life and sports. Sometimes the norm will not apply.

One thing I've been planning in my head is to get into a solid workout routine starting on my birthday. Due to the party last night and things, I delayed it a few extra days to be smart. Sooo, while I'm not a morning person, but I've debated about trying the get up at 5am & go to the gym. But that puts me in bed no later than 11pm every night. After work could do it too, but somehow I just see it harder because there's always something going on after work. Hanging out with friends, soccer, relaxing, etc. If I did the morning, I could work out, go home, shower, eat breakfast, then go to work. I like that plan. Now, when to start.... tomorrow? No better time than the present! I just verified my club hours, they open @ 5.

There we have it: plan in place.. Starting 30 off with a bunch of +'s not to mention new friends, new opportunities, and a new plan...


I forgot about the most memorable moment of the night..... where one friend tells us about her favorite way to have a hot dog. With mayo and peanut butter! Needless to say, I was ... surprised! I shall now call her PB!

Things always have a way of working out...

I swear to God, the rule continues! Tonight was C's going away party. Met her new b/f at the same time, why she's moving to begin with. Great guy! Played pool, chatted a bit, I'm glad she found him. He and I then learned we'd be the only two guys at this party and there'd be like 5 other women. Yeah, I know, my life is soooo fucking rough. Not knowing any of them, what they looked like, etc, I wasn't actually looking towards trying to hook up with any, I just thought it'd be a fun night, some shit talking, etc.

It started like that too. There was one that was trying to be all flirty, I think it was the typical blonde thing. I can't judge, but there was a vibe there. But not that kind of vibe, but rather something told me there could be some serious drama potential. There was another one, looked somewhat familiar. Can't place it, but she was cute. Didn't drink with the rest of us, due to a concussion from an earlier drinking and walking accident.. haha sounds like me & Vegas! So we'll see, who knows what happens in the future right?

Oh and the rule that I talk about? That I always meet one person one way, for example back in the day how I met C, and then someone they know is someone I start chasing. So who knows, we'll see how all this pans out, but everything happens for a reason.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Everyday is a new day...

.. and you should learn something from every previous day. Even a minor lesson. Like me, I learned that a broken water main can flood a neighborhood quickly. (Not mine, but sucks to be them!) I learned that when I focus, I can completely de-clutter and clean my house in 3 hours. I learned that some "friends" should probably step outside of their own little world and realize it doesn't revolve around just them. Looking back, those are the highlights of things. I'll try and start each 'daily' blog with something I've learned. Even if it's just a minor detail. If I learned it, you will too!

This is my step into 30. I'm going to try and go not more than 3 days between blogs, for at least the year. Start of my new decade with history, stories, and fun. When I was 20, things were not as cool as they are now. Now, life is change. BFF#1 is moving to Texas, thus a going away party tonight. I'm not sad, I'm excited for her. I'm hoping she flies in the new atmosphere away from everything. I was still in school at 20. Now I'm 8 years into a career, at a job where I could spend the rest of my life. 10 years, countless stories, tears, laughter, pain and pleasure. It's had it all. I don't know that I'll recap the previous 10 over the next year, but I'll reference some things. I know some entries (like this one) will end up kind of long, I tend to have ADD and my mind jumps all over the place, so I just type it out as it comes. I'll try to keep some focus when typing though.

Items I got for my birthday: a better understanding of friends, the Cannabis Cookbook (entertaining read), a couple cards, and a touching email. (Thanks again :) )

Go figure also, no fog this morning. Ride on your birthday, it'll be nice... Should have ridden today too. haha oh well. This Jeep pic sums it up pretty damn good though:::

I hope you have a wonderful day today, after all, it's hump day! Almost Friday, so I'm sure you're working on your weekend plans. Hopefully it's something relaxing, it's supposed to be crappy in the NW (if you're up here).

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Probably the last time, but hey....

.. it's my birthday afterall. I jumped on the R1 and rode it into work. Yesterday morning was beautiful out, sun, chilly, but bright. Today, wake up.... FOG. Shit! But oh well, it's my birthday and I'm starting it with a quick ride to work. Want to know what my legs felt like after I got off?

Yeah, it was a bit chilly. It was well worth the ride however. To feel the speed I haven't had in a while, the fresh air flying by. I must say that it was a great way to start off the day.. Besides, a fresh cup of coffee will warm anyone up quickly.

On a side note, I hope the woman of my dreams is having a wonderful day today. I don't quite know where she is, nor who she is, but the least I can do is wish her a great fall day.

My next 30 years ...

Yeah, I know it's a Tim McGraw song... but it fits. My first 30 years were a bunch of learning experiences. Not to mention I used up 18 years being a dependent. While those were great years, that means I've only really experienced the last 12. Then, living at home while going to college until I was a little over 21, thus leaving about 9. Take into account hard lessons to learn that took up about 6 years, I've really only lived 3 years.


So then I guess the question is ... what have I done with my last 3 years.. Well let's see. Work sent me all over the U.S. I stayed in hotels and cities I'll never probably go to nor would have gone to otherwise. I spent some time enjoying Atlanta. 2 trips to Vegas in 6 months. Really that aspect has been nice. I got the vehicle of my dreams, the bike of my dreams. I have a pretty slick house, I got a pool table, I have nice furniture, cool electronics. Yay for 'things'. But one thing is for sure... my next 30 years will have someone legit and real in it. This I know.

Other things I'd like to see in the next 30? I'd say a real wedding. More good friends, laughing moments, inside jokes, fun and then more fun. Kids? Maybe. Seeing more of the U.S.? Definitely. I'm sure there will be drunkin parties, bbq's, and a lot more events that we can't even invision yet.

And I look forward to each and every one of them. Because I must admit, friends make the world go 'round and well.... I have the best batch around. As we all cross into "middle age" I wish great health all the way around.

I think it's bed time. It's only 2:30 am after all. I'll leave you with an image I took with my blackberry. It shows why I love Seattle so much. I mean, where else do you always get views like this?