Friday, November 14, 2008


Well, it's technically 3a.m. So I guess this can be my craptastic Friday blog. At about this point in the day I'm blank. But I'm not tired. PB is passed out on my couch. I'm glad she was here with me actually, as I don't know that I'd have been as calm should otherwise..

Here's a good recap for the day, I'm sure I'll blog out the process that I'm about to go through, might as well save it for history right??

All day at work, I have a pretty damn good day.. I leave around 5:30 and this is when life really turned ..... fun. Heading up the freeway on the way home, it started to get congested at it's normal point. Switching lanes was routine for me so I could head towards home. As I check my blindspot quickly I turn my head to realize the person in front of me slamming on his brakes. This leads me to slam on mine and turn my wheel quickly to try any kind of evasive maneuver. However, I only had less than a .5 second to do anything which, well, in a Jeep is virtually impossible to turn that fast. I then proceed to hit the back side of a small import which then hits the guy in front of him, and then the lady in front of him. 4 cars in all, including mine. So needless to say I was not happy.. Having never been in an accident before, I now get to wade through all the BS of that accident and insurance hell I'm sure..

So I text PB when I'm sitting there on the side of the road while the State Patrol is doing their thing telling her a little bit.. She tells me to call her when I can, which is what I do when I get back to the towing place, my Jeep being backed into it's temporary storage facility. She offers to come get me despite just pulling into her house from work (sweetheart or what?).. Being down already, I couldn't turn her down to get any of my other friends, as I knew seeing her would definitely help me feel better. While I wait for her to get down to me, I call my mom and a few others to get things out there that I'm ok, this is what happened, etc.

We stop at her house on the way to mine so she can change and be more comfortable. We also grab the Family Guy DVD so there's some humor to make the night better.. Little did we know.... So we talk and chat about her day, my day, how the accident happened, etc the whole way to the house. We pull in, get out, I open the door and take off my shoes and start walking towards the back... Guess what I see?

YEP! My back door is wide open.. I'm like wtf, this can't be real, how'd that happen? As I walk back, I see glass all over my floor.. YEP! Someone decided to break into my window, open it, and then let themselves through, then I'm guessing let someone else in the back door. Oh and they left through the door by the pool table. Awesome. So I call 911, walking around the house and seeing what's not where it should be, what's missing, wondering who the fuck was in my house, and just overall wondering wtf I did to have a day like today..

As of this blog what's missing...
  • My 15" Macbook Pro. I had it upgraded to 4g of RAM, so I will be watching CraigsList for it.
  • My digital camera.
  • My Xbox Controller battery pack recharger (no shit)
  • My .380 (great, now an armed intruder..). However, they left me my .45. Maybe they'll come back & I can show them how it works.. hmmmm
  • Alaska's two pool sticks (est $2k, not even including the sentimental value)
  • I think a bunch of CD's. I say I think, because as I was in my computer room earlier, I looked over and the top row of CD's has very few CD's. But because I cut over all my CD's to MP3, I never looked at them.. The more I think about it though, the more I think they did.
I don't know at this point that's all I know is gone. They had unplugged everything from my TV like they were thinking about taking it or my XBox as it was in the middle of my floor. When I was plugging everything back in so we could still watch Family Guy (hey, still needed to laugh, more than ever), I think my wire mess saved my xbox. Not only do I have a ton of wires behind my TV, I zip tied them together. Thus, when they were trying to get cords and things, it was nasty for them.

After the cop came, I talked to both the neighbor across the street and then next door as well. All the while PB was by my side. She gave me a big hug when we were upstairs too, just when I really needed it. I called my landlady, they brought some plywood in the back of their truck and put it up for me. PB, working for a cleaning company that specializes in vandalism and things of that nature, went into work mode, sweeping up all the glass and doing a spectacular job.

We left after the board was up, going to get some food, we were both starving and it was already 10:40. After realizing that most places were closed, including Red Robin, we decided on Jack-In-The-Box. It was good. We brought it back and ate while watching Family Guy. Cuddled up halfway through the movie, it was nice. She started falling asleep though, as did I, on the couch, but I got up, and she passed out. Asking me to set the alarm for 6:30. She didn't want to move upstairs, I think she thought walking upstairs and all that would wake her up. Which is fine, I just don't really like the idea of her down there on the couch. I've already walked down there 2-3 times just to check on her. I'll end up being her wakeup alarm, there's not a real good chance I'll be sleeping in the next 2 hours.

But out of all the sadness, some good things have come from it. Ok, I can't think of what some things are, just one. PB. I know I have great friend support. A couple phone calls and I'd had more than one person on their way here. That's why they're my friends. But she easily didn't have to do any of what she did today. We've known each other like 3 weeks. I'm so glad she was here though. It just felt right.

Well I've stayed up late enough (4:30 now), my mom's online. So I'm gonna chat with her a few and call this one a wrap. No neat pictures, nothing for this blog. Maybe later.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

WTF is the point then?!

"You seem to want your cake and eat it too"

NO SHIT?! That saying is the stupidest fucking saying on the planet. Of course I'm going to eat it. It's a cake! I'm not supposed to just sit and look at it! Or am I supposed to want my cake and then give it away?! Help me out, what am I supposed to do with my cake??

This rant brought to you by tools that like to say a stupid ass saying as a counter to an argument.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Time to start another 5hr blog. As I look at the clock on my work laptop, I see that it's about 9-9:30a everyday that I start a blog entry. Then it's usually 12-1p by the time I finish it out. Damn work interruptions, can't they see how busy I am typing up my blog?! hahaha

Things I've learned ?
  • Definitely don't eat just salad for dinner. By that I mean just lettuce & salad dressing. A grilled chicken salad at like Red Robin is ok, but just a Caesar salad out of a bag is not. Just a note to live by.
  • Guitar Hero is really hard @ 4:21. I'm going to have to try it @ 4:19. I think (or friggin hope) that it might be a tad easier on me.
So I used my mad Google ninja skills and found an address that could be very handy to have. As Dimes and I have been discussing the past 10 minutes, at this point, it could go either direction if I use it now. Which I planned on tomorrow if I do it anyway, so we'll wait and see how the next 24hrs go before making my choice.

We shall see. Tomorrow I will blog about the choice I made and how tonight went. Hard to say at this point. I'd say I'm about 70% sure I will, tonight will make that number go +/- 25%. If - then nothing tomorrow. If + then yes tomorrow. If +/- 0%, then I may just flip a coin.

Apparently I don't know many music people. I say this because I was on CMT last night, PB & I had watched My Big Redneck Wedding the night before, and I saw an interview w/ Kid Rock before the CMA Awards, talking about a guest guitarist. When he came on to perform I was watching for someone I would recognize and being a kick ass guitar player would be on stage with him. Sadly I didn't see anyone special or different. Turns out, one of them was Lil Wayne & he wasn't even playing, rather just looking like he was playing. I had no idea who the guy was. Whoops.

That show was good though, there were some very good moments, some great songs, some very good people. I think I'm entering that country mood now, where it's time to start listening more again. I seem to sway from time to time. Needing some 80's & 90's to then going to hip hop or rap, then maybe some country.

Well tomorrow's Friday too. WHOOHOOO! About damn time! Stay dry all & drive safe!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Some romantic moments are better than others...

For example of this, I'm sitting here watching the CMA Music Awards and Brad Paisley is one of the hosts.. So when he just won an award he came out from the back to accept it, only he didn't stop at the podium. Rather he continued down to his pregnant wife and gave her and her pregnant belly a kiss. You could hear the synchronized "Awwwwwww" from the crowd as well. It's moments like that when it sucks the most to be single..

Finished the flag football team's logo tonight:

I'm not sure how close it is to being done, but it's a good start for the first season. Should be a great time!

No clever subject today...

Pulling up Komo, I see floods galore. That should keep PB happy, more business, more money. This blog could end up long, even as long as it takes, I have a few topics I want to vent on and entertain.. But first, let's keep the format that's worked for me!

Things I learned ....
  • Dimes has it right, I just never realized.. Comment moderation is key to these places. Otherwise you post a blog with the word "Abortion" in it and you get people who failed reading comprehension in like 1st grade and like to try and preach to you in a comment.
  • I also learned just how irritating people are to me when they like to impose their beliefs on you. I don't care your religion, your political beliefs, or your moral standing.
  • That I really enjoy hanging out with PB. To the point it makes me nervous to think about..
To hit on point #2, that's just one of those things that really touches a nerve.. because really, I'm glad you have an opinion on any touchy subject that is out there. I'm glad you have one, really I am.. However, preaching it to me just means your message gets lost. Imagine this, as an American and human being, I have the right to believe whatever I want. Things like gay marriage, Obama, abortion, Bush, war, terrorism, 9/11, etc, seem to bring out people on all sides. It's cool you have an opinion, respect mine or keep yours to yourself. If you think dismissing my opinion to preach your religious belief on any topic is going to get your point across, sorry, but I'm not one of those small minded change because someone says to. Pray? Sure, for you. Because your lack of open mindedness to others opinions shows you're the one that needs the most help.

Who are you to believe your stance is better than mine? You really think your way is the only way? Great. Enjoy your dillusioned world. Because you're off for a stressful life of praying for all of us and preaching your way of life.

My greatest freedom I enjoy living here? My freedom of speech (as this is MY blog) and the ability to say "Fuck off" anytime I want. Don't like it, leave. I didn't force you to come here, I didn't ask your opinion even. If you don't have an open mind, guess what, better find a new blog to read. Because I don't care if you're straight, gay, bi-sexual, tri-sexual, like animals, a woman, man, he-she, black, white, Asian, tan, Eskimo, Mexican, French, Canadian, or whatever. I'll hit on whatever it is. I don't pull punches. I don't hold back.

'nuff said.

Now that my venting is complete, I'm moving on to happier topics. I've quit over thinking any situation in regards to just one person. However, I've started to really enjoy my time with said person. It's like we never run out of things to talk about, no matter what the occasion is. We could be watching a tv show we both want to watch, yet we'll talk through most of it, catching a piece here and there when we hear something funny. So A+ there. Optimism, it's what I'm made of.

I'm thinking I should post random stats or facts that I find that make me laugh. Given the nature of the last few weeks, I've got one I just must post for historical sense..

Quoting a CNN article: In a CNN/Opinion Research Corporation survey released Tuesday, 59 percent of those questioned think that Democratic control of both the executive and legislative branches will be good for the country, with 38 percent saying that such one-party control will be bad.

The entertaining part of that, is just like normal, it's a very vocal part of the minority that's throwing a fit. And by that number it's definitely a minority.

Whoohoo, it's 1:15, I started this blog about 4hrs ago. Continuing the tradition!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A topic of epic proportions..

So on the way home I saw a bumper sticker..

"Against Abortion? Don't Have One!"

Now, having my own views on this, I will save how I felt about that bumper sticker to a future blog. However, I will say it made me smile. Why? Not because of how I feel about the topic, but rather because really, it takes a very strong person to put such a strong message on the back of your car. I've got to admire the backbone I don't have, I couldn't tote such a controversial message on the back of the Jeep. No chance.

Whether you agree or disagree.... someone has some huge balls either way.

Who doesn't love deadlines?!

I mean really, who doesn't love learning 7 weeks before the end of the year that a project I was assigned is due at the end of the year. Granted, normally that'd be no big deal. Until you learn you have 7 sites to do in 7 weeks, with each site having hundreds of pieces of equipment.

Gotta love it.... right?

Be a dreamer. If you don't know how to dream, you're dead.

So today starts another fun rain storm. It's foggy, dreary and just crappy out. I miss the nice days already, I want to get out on my bike damn it! Speaking of that, I need to start it one night after work and let it run and warm up a bit.

Oh well, this is Seattle after all right?

Things I've learned through the last near 24hrs:
  • Dimes watches football enough to analyze things about the games. As deep as comparing home/away jerseys of teams and who their quarterbacks are.. I mean, damn I didn't even know that Shaun Hill was the starting QB for the 49ers. I thought it was still going to be O'Sullivan.
  • The more I talk to one person, the more I realize I'm almost talking to myself. She actually said that last night as well. Because regardless of who's speaking, me or her, it's like the words coming out match what the other would be saying as well. Makes talking and hanging out that much easier. Crazy.
  • Dick's is probably the single best burger place in Seattle. Sadly they are only in Seattle proper, not in the 'burbs. Damn Dick, expand!
Just had a chat with PB. She had a rough day at work yesterday that totally flipped 180* today. So she was excited and wanted to tell me about it. Go figure that all that happened before she saw my text to her this morning, then saw that and just added to the great day she's having thus far. She's turning me back into a phone person again too I noticed.

Well as usual, it's taken me a ton of time to write this daily blog out. This is a good start for the day, maybe I'll blog once I get home and unwind. Sometime around 4:21. As it's 4:19.

Monday, November 10, 2008

My how I love your whispering eye..

So now let us go gingerly touch our tips! Ahhh for those that haven't seen it, Role Models is a great movie. However, if you're offended by seeing boobs on screen, there is plenty of it in this one so you might want to go somewhere else. Plus language, can't forget that. But it's hilarious for those of you not easily offended.

Let's see, did I learn anything this weekend....
  • I need to not overthink things when it comes to women, just go with the damn flow!
  • I know now, why all new movies keep breaking records when they're popular. It's because it's $10 a damn person! Not that it wasn't worth it, because it was, but man, that price sure does jump!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Where's the pause button?!

I need more hours, just no more work hours. That's what I want. Because I seem to attract more people that need/want more time..

Things I learned today..
  • My dad's an f*ing pool shark.. I can play when I want to play, and even when I stepped it up, he continued to wipe the floor with me. Sadly I was playing well and couldn't pull it off.
  • My furnace, water heater AND stove top are all on the natural gas line.
Yes, as noted above, I know what appliances I have on natural gas now. I got home Friday night to a note on my door saying they were out fixing a gas leak. Yes that's right, a gas leak.. apparently they were checking my meter and smelled gas. So they called out a crew, who shut the gas off, fixed the leak, then wouldn't start my gas again, so I could be notified and the pilot lights be lit when the gas was turned on. I saw it, figured I'd call when I got up in the morning today. Well, yeah, I had to rush that choice, once I realized my hot water heater is on it. No hot shower (especially when I have company) means they need to get out here and get my gas on! Luckily for me, after leaks they do connects 7 days a week. So the guy was here about 2 hours after I called it in. Thank god, I was in a panic, knowing I had company coming and had no hot water!

Well, that's it for tonight. Gonna finish with one last statement: Of course I do Dimes, it's the perfect size for you with just the right punch.. ;)