Monday, December 29, 2008

13 days.. Wow..

So let me recap the last 13 days in as few words as possible.......

Work, snow, Leavenworth, COLD, girlfriend, snow, gusty winds, more snow, Seahawks, sardine train, more snow, snow taxi, snow, more snow, church, snow, Christmas, rain, no more snow, rain, soccer, soccer, soccer, then more rain.

Phew, that was a long one... haha that's what she said..

So after giving up on trying to hurry on a fix for PB's initial present, I just went and got a new one. So she got that yesterday. She told me what I'm getting & can't wait to get it setup so we can go. It's a snowboard, not sure what it looks like, but I'm pretty sure it looks tight, I trust her judgment.

Ahhh the snow is gone. Thankfully there's very little trace of the record snowfall we'd received over the last 2 weeks. That's where the snow taxi part came in. Not that I mind driving in any way, I mean I did put almost 25,000 miles on the Jeep the first year I had it. It was fun because there weren't a whole lot of cars on the road. I had to pickup Birth Control (BC) in Queen Ann, then S² in Northgate before the commute to Bellevue. At less than 30mph most of the way, it did take a little while to get them all there. After I got back to my office, I realized that late is better than staying home, especially when everyone and their mom was staying home that day. Stores were closing early (or not opening), people were freaked about the snow.. it was great.

The snow is why the Seahawk's game was so interesting. I say interesting because the ride to & from made it so. The game itself was a football game, there's nothing all that interesting that happens at a football game. Sound Transit's lack of planning (I know, biiiiig surprise) lead to a long delay on not only getting to the game, but back from the game. They are lucky there wasn't any big medical emergency or stampede of stupid drunks. People were ready to use the emergency exits to get out of there it was bad enough at one point. We just sat for about an hour. Turns out there was a small medical issue, with a person who had a diabetic attack. But they didn't disclose that to us, so we just sat there. Or well, stood there for what felt like at least an hour. Overall though it was a fun day..

Leavenworth & Christmas are both seperate blog topics for either later today or later this week.

This last weekend I did finally get to put my new camera to use in taking hundreds of soccer pictures. PB played in 2 with women's teams and then we played in a co-ed one. Fun times, 1st in Friday & Saturday's tournament, then 3rd yesterday. Not a bad weekend of soccer. Now I'm ready for the winter seasons to start up for soccer & football. Gonna be a busy start to '09.

Well I hope all you people had a Merry Christmas & got everything you wanted for Christmas!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

How do you know when your house misses someone?

Is it when things items like a touch lamp keep turning themselves on?

Yes, the lamp on PB's side of the bed kept turning on last night. I shut it off right before I fell asleep. I woke up at least 3 times and shut it off over the course of the night. Needless to say I didn't sleep too well and was kind of freaked out. But hey, at least the spirit was just keeping me lit up!

Monday, December 15, 2008

How cold is cold really?

Is it the teens? Or single digits? Or anything less than 60? Either way it's chilly out.

Last night was the prime example of why living in the middle of no where rocks and why I sometimes miss it. Out in the sticks you don't have people out on the roads in their Mustangs and other sports cars sliding all over icy roads playing Vehicular Pinball. As entertaining as it is to watch on YouTube or the local news stations, it's not near as entertaining when they're sliding all around you.

The only thing I regret about the weekend was not making a snowman on Saturday night when the snow was super wet. That way when this nasty ball-freezing cold came in the snowman would be frozen in place for a decent period in time.

An interesting discussion throughout the day at work. Pirating software and hardware hacking. Because we have all are hypocrites in our own sense. Smoking crack to me is wrong and illegal and I agree with punishments for it. Speeding is breaking the law even if it's just 1mph. But I seem to have no problems doing it. Am I a hypocrite for it? Yep! It's where our morals step in on what's right and wrong and to what limit do you take it. Laws are the same way though, yes, speeding is illegal, but notice the tiered pricing for when you get caught doing it. The higher your speed, the higher the ticket.

Same thing goes for software piracy. If I download a copy of Photoshop use it for recreational use, messing with photo's and just having fun, I'm pretty sure that the Fed's have bigger fish to fry. Like the guy who's taking a copy of Photoshop and making copies and selling them for $100 a copy. Given Photoshop's $600-900 price tag, you can see why the government makes a distinction for intent.

Some people just don't get it however. They insist that copying games and sharing them is a "right" because it's the game maker's job to stop it. Take the Wii to cite real world examples. You can hack your Wii to play downloaded copyrighted games. Is it right? To me, no. Is it legal? The hack, yes; playing downloaded games, no. But to a coworker, his conscience and belief tells him that it's Nintendo's problem for creating a system that is open to hacking. That him downloading games and playing them is a right that he has because of that failure.

I will forever disagree with that argument, but it's not up to me to police. He however, won't get a sympathising ear when he gets busted for it. He will, though, get laughed at. For many days.

I recognize no one is perfect but sooner or later things will catch up to you. The question is, when it does, are you prepared to pay the consequence of doing said action. If I speed, I know sooner or later I'll get a ticket. There's a reason I don't fly down the road at 90+ all the time. It's because I don't want the ticket of that. A ticket going 5-10mph over I'm prepared to accept, even if it sucks.

Oh well! On that note I'm going to finish my work, go home and relax. I need to get a plan together for the busy 2 weeks that are coming. Fun times!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Awesome stat of the day....

More than half of American adults play video games and one in five play just about every day..

So I've been slacking...

but there's been so much going on, 99% good, since my fateful day almost one month ago..

Actually I should just say 100% good since I can't think of even one event that would constitute 1% bad... hmmm yeah, still can't think of anything..

Back to the routine: Things I've learned--
  • Church is somewhere that I should have gone to years ago. However, I don't think I'd have gotten the full appreciation that I've gotten now. I'll go further down on that in a moment.
  • Really, I've learned that waiting for 3 years for just that right situation was the smartest thing I've ever done. I know it wasn't the easiest, but it was by far the smartest.
That's about it right now, because I'm poorly multitasking and have so many thoughts running through my head...

Church.. I know I've hit on it before, but I've really came to realize that I enjoy going. I feel it's pushed me in ways that I've needed to work on for a long time. Like swearing. I still slip fuck or asshole out there. But I've been easing up on the other stuff that doesn't need to be said.

I started to realize all this yesterday. PB & I went to church like every other week before it and instead of the regular service, there was a play. Then some words at the end. While watching the children's choir singing songs, I just felt .... touched. Like seeing them smiling and being happy and singing songs, looking for their parents and everything, it was .. just different. Holding hands with her, just watching intently, I can't say that I have ever, ever, had the feelings that I had at that moment. There's something special that words can't even explain & really, I'm not going to try and explain them. Explaining it would not do it justice.

We won at soccer again, thus making us 3-0 with PB guarding the net. Not a bad thing at all. I love watching her play though, she's got mad skills and well, I could only wish to do 1/2 as good.

We hit the driving range after there. Where I remembered why golfing takes practice. It'd only been 8 1/2 years since the last time I'd touched a golf club. Sadly it showed. But a little practice and I think I can get back to my old skills. It's like riding a bike... right?

Continuing down the sports theme, I got the confirmation email for the Beer Stains today. So it's now official, we are a team. Should be fun! I'm excited, especially with the people we have lined up to play. We got some good skills & fun attitudes.

Well, that's about it for now. The little info I put here has taken me most of the day because I get side tracked lately. Helping someone find their dream car, doing work on my year end project and what not, I can't seem to focus on writing. Plus my thoughts are all over the place and seem to be hard to straighten out for writing down.

Life is good though, that's what matters most!

Monday, December 1, 2008

The weekend in review...

Let's see if I can get this done before I go home.. It's 3:45 right now, so that gives me about an hour and a half..

Thursday was fun, the last blog summarized a small amount of it.. That's good enough.. So let's forward to Friday....
I did zero "Black Friday" Christmas shopping, though I did my part to help the economy by spending about $80 that day. I went to RMC, a local motorcycle shop to try and see what deals were out there on helmets as I needed one for PB. Found a real cool one as pictured below.. I even got the size right & she seems to be quite happy with the color scheme & fit!

I also faxed in my documents to the insurance company for the items in the house.. 24 page fax.. a definite record for me. As a followup to that, I called today to get status (I'd really like something that would play DVD's without skipping and all..) and am waiting on a call back from the adjuster.

Friday night we went and saw 'Four Christmases'.. I'd say a C+ / B-. The plot was kind of predictable and the route they took to get to the end really didn't follow the "lessons" of earlier in the movie. But it did have some funny moments, including the very beginning.

Saturday we took the R-1 over to Vashon Island for a Christmas tree cutting event. PB's older brother (or well, one of them) does an annual Christmas tree trip and invites friends and family every year. Go to a nice breakfast, take the ferry over, cut a tree, drink hot cider, eat good food, then head home.

So seeing the weather was good, we decided on the bike as our mode of transportation. It was great. She enjoyed the ride despite some soreness, it was just overall a great quality time day.. I can't wait for the nicer weather to get out on the bike and really enjoy it.

That night we went and looked at a car for her, stopped by her brother's house, then hit up the Ale House in downtown Bothell for some great food. That night we just relaxed at home, as it was a busy, busy day.

Sunday was extremely busy as well. Church, then breakfast, stopped by her mom's, then helped Alaska put in a lock and move a dresser, then headed back to my house. Did some work on her car for her, watched a movie and relaxed.

That's the quick and dirty to a fun weekend. I posted some pics of it to my myspace & facebook to show people my new shaved look & some of the weekend.

That's a good enough for today. Maybe tomorrow I'll touch on my Jeep, PB's job opportunity results, and the rest of the week....

Friday, November 28, 2008

Hey, I'm cute!

Ahhhh the fun of Thanksgiving right? Yes I said I'm cute.. Well, ok, I didn't say it, but rather a guy at dinner yesterday said it. How's that for a first impression. Granted it was all in humor, but it was fun.

In a recap of yesterday I met some real fun people, ate some really good food and got to spend some real quality time with PB. We played a bunch of games that I'd never played before, some I'll play again. One I need to create soon! It'll be great for the spring/summer when it warms up too...

Overall though it was a great day. They are all good people. We'll be meeting and hanging out with a few of them tomorrow when we head over to Vashon Island for a Christmas tree thingy. I know, real detailed right?

Either way, A+ for Thanksgiving, regardless that the Seahawks sucked and lost!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


So almost 2 years ago I lost a dear friend in a drunken driving accident. It wasn't a pretty accident, as the story went, his friend was driving, rolled the car, he was ejected and sadly, wasn't found for 36 hours. Thank God that in the autopsy they found he died on impact, thus he didn't die waiting for help to find him. I was definitely disappointed to read however, that the 'friend' driving didn't disclose he even had a passenger.

Today while on Myspace, I decided to go to my buddy's page. A place I have bookmarked since his profile is public. I've sent him messages before when random things are on my mind. Him and I have some strange ties that one day I should blog about, just in the off chance that something does happen, some people will then understand.

Anyhow I'll post the article from early October detailing the trial/sentencing of the driver of that car:

Driver gets 41 months for crash that killed friend

A 28-year-old Yakima man was sentenced Friday to 41 months in jail for killing his friend in a drunken-driving crash last winter.

Before he was sentenced in Yakima County Superior Court, Zachary Sluder apologized profusely for his actions.

"Ryan will always be in my heart. I will live for him," he said. "I miss my friend so much. I’m sorry. I loved him."

A jury found Sluder guilty of vehicular homicide last week for the death of 30-year-old Ryan Holwegner of Moxee in February 2007.

During the trial, prosecution witnesses testified that they saw Sluder driving away from a Moxee tavern in his Chevrolet Lumina minutes before the crash, with Holwegner as his passenger.

When state troopers arrived to investigate, Sluder told them he was the only one in the vehicle. Troopers suspected Sluder had been drinking, but he refused a blood test.

Holwegner’s body was discovered more than 36 hours later, 140 feet from the crash site. It was well outside the zone where debris and occupants should have been discovered. The question of who moved the body was never answered.

During the sentencing, deputy prosecutor Erika Soublet read letters from Holwegner’s family that described him as an honest, loyal person with a zest for life and a smile that would light up a room.

Holwegner’s father, Jon, wrote that he didn’t want leniency for Sluder, who has shown a lack of remorse for his actions. In his letter, he expressed hope that Sluder would turn his life over to God.

Holwegner’s sister, Tressa Stadel, said she and her family only wanted the truth. Instead, Sluder failed to stand up and take responsibility for his actions.

After Holwegner’s family members spoke, Sluder turned toward them in court and read his own statement. He described Holwegner as his hero and said he will be forever changed by this experience.

He said he had forgotten Holwegner had been in the car with him and would never have left him had he remembered.

"If I had known Ryan was there, I would have held him in my arms," he said, crying. "I’m so sorry for your guys’ loss."

Judge Michael McCarthy said he believes Sluder was so intoxicated at the time of the crash that he had forgotten Holwegner was with him. But he’s equally confident that Sluder later regained his memory and that somebody had moved Holwegner’s body.

Because of these unusual circumstances, he sentenced Sluder to the most jail time allowable by law. Sluder’s sentence could have ranged anywhere from 31 to 41 months because of his lack of serious criminal history.

During the trial, Sluder’s attorney suggested that either Sluder was the passenger or Holwegner wasn’t even in the vehicle. But Sluder’s injuries were consistent with wearing a left-side seat belt; the driver’s seat belt in his car was the only one that showed a collision-related defect.

As I read up on the trial and sentencing, I guess my mind went all over the place. I understand if you're being accoused of something you'll want a lawyer to make sure things are fair and you don't get a life sentence for something that should only be a year sentence. But really, I'd like to think that if, heaven forbid, I was in the similar situation and it was one of my many friends that had died at my hands...... I'd hope that I would do something different. Stand up, be a man, plead guilty even. I don't want off on a technicality. To me it wouldn't be far that I was still breathing while they don't get to. Somehow though, when they mention the chance the body was moved, my mind could totally see how it probably unfolded. Scared, knowing the trouble that would be coming, trying to figure a way out of it. Either drunk or the next day, doesn't matter, your mind still thinks the same if you remember it or not. So drunk you don't remember a passenger, I can understand that. Hell, I've been drunk enough to not remember a lot (Hello Vegas!) but as time goes on I remembered. Most people remember. I'd bet he remembers. Cherishing his freedom it's easier to try and supress what happened and hope you get to keep the freedom. Now, because of those choices, he loses almost 4 years of his life. Granted, that's just a small time compared to the years Ryan lost. But still. Step up, be a man, show the world you truly regret it, make amends with his family, do some work to show the world that what you say is how you feel. Don't try to hide what happened or fail to step up to the plate because your lawyer says it can hurt your appeal or because of any other reason.

Sadly, the world seems to ignore personal responsibility. There's always someone else to blaim or a reason to hide behind a wall. One may not be a bad person to do dumb and bad things. The key is fixing the bad you've caused. Hiding behind a lawyer doesn't fix anything other than make others wonder why you hide.

I know it's a touchy subject, but sometimes I just don't get people. I hope to live my entire life never in this kind of situation. Should it happen, I hope someone will point me to this blog if I miss sight of where I'm at. So I can make sure to break the mold and do right.

RIP Hoegz, it's too bad I never got the reply to the message I sent you the day you died. I was looking forward to catching up since your move to Yakima. All of us on the west side miss you.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Religion or politics, some things you just can't avoid..

.. So I'll hit more on the subject after a small little blurb about my awesome night last night. PB left her phone at my house when she went to work yesterday morning so naturally that meant I was going to see her. She had a great final interview for her position, made a little bonus, and was in a good mood when she got home despite being tired from having little sleep the night before. We got Thai food to go, then headed down to the beach front on Lake Washington for a night time picnic. It was funny though, as when we were heading there I saw a house lit up already for Christmas & said how it was too early for people to be putting up their Christmas lights, I mean it's not even Thanksgiving yet! PB seemed to get a good laugh out of my mini-rant about people and holidays. When we got to the park on the lake, she explained the good laugh, as they had Christmas lights up down around the park. But just phase 1 of the lights, so I'm interested in seeing the final product. Yeah, I felt a little bad, but it's different when a city is putting it up in pieces vs someone lighting up their entire house already. They have picnic tables right down on the water though, so we went down, in the dark, cold clear night and ate our dinner. It was quiet, just us, romantic and just ... warm. The chill didn't matter. I had great Thai food and amazing company to keep me warm. We then walked around the park, taking a few pics and just talking. More and more I see things in her that I don't know how I've lived without in the past. That was my night in a small nutshell.

Now on to more controversial topics.. I heard a piece on the radio this morning, gotta love KMPS and being a country boy at heart, they were interviewing an author who wrote a book about Atheists and the change in their beliefs over the last 2 generations.

There was a talk about how just a generation ago, Atheists were basically policing the separation of Church & State. Then now with this generation it's turned them into attacking all religion. Imposing their views on everyone else in the name of 'equality'.

To give an example.. they fight and fight to have Christmas displays taken down in the name of equality. However doing so means that it's not equal for all groups, it favors them. But they don't see it that way in their arguments.

Similar to politics, religion is a very touchy subject with some. I, however, have no problems touching on any subject that could offend. Why? Because I'm an asshole like that. I truly believe that everyone has the right to believe in whatever religion they choose. Funny enough, being an Atheist means you have a belief in something. You have faith that there is no God. You have the right to that faith. Just as I have the right to believe in God. While Christmas may have taken a large commercial turn, it is still a holiday derived from religion. As such, if you don't like it, don't celebrate it. Don't impose on my right to celebrate it. No one forces you to decorate your house, buy a Christmas tree, or listen to the Christmas music (plus not all Christmas music is religious). Don't like my Christmas lights? Don't look, I won't be offended. Matter of fact, you can tell me you don't like it and I still won't be offended. Hopefully however, I don't offend you when I laugh at you and walk away.

As I age, grow, & mature, I start to realize how important some things are.. not only in my life, but in the world as a whole. Some people have nothing in life. Things aren't going their way, no breaks given. But they're happy because they go to Church, they're accepted by people they may barely know and they have their religion which means the world to them. If they didn't have that, then what would they have? No reason to live, no reason to follow man's law. Do you really believe that your own views should trump theirs? I've started to notice that a lot of the Atheists are right in line with other religious fanatics. Yet really, watch the face of one of them when you tell them that. They'll look like you just pissed in their Cheerios. But really, that's all they are. Hypocrisy, closed mindness & pushing their beliefs on you. I have yet to meet one Atheist who will not try and spew their beliefs down on you. Yet they seem offended when you tell them you don't want to hear it.

I'm not a preaching man by any means. However, if you fail to respect my beliefs or my views, similar to politics, then shut up and walk away. Because you will not enjoy my laughing at you as much as I will enjoy it. It's kind of like a two way street. You want me to listen to you, you need to listen to me. Get in my lane, however, and I'll run your ass over. Simple as that. God may not like religion, I may not like the hypocrites in religion, but I also don't like the hypocrites that hate religion.

One last slight profanity laced point.. It's still fucking Christmas. That's right, if you look on a calendar on December 25 it will say CHRISTMAS. Which means I don't give a flying shit if you believe in it or not. I will tell you Merry Christmas. If you're offended by the fact I say Merry Christmas, then go somewhere else where they don't celebrate it. All the stupid PC idiots out there that think it should be "Happy Holidays" to accommodate every person on the earth so no one group feels offended or left out can keep doing that and kiss my ass.

So on that note......

Monday, November 24, 2008

God gets high? Sweet!

haha I know people will read that and think "WTF?! That's not even funny!" ... But it is! Since really spending quality time with PB she's got me going to church with her. I should clarify that... I was willing to go, she asked and I go. I'm interested. I'm open minded and willing to learn new things, grow as a person, figuratively & spiritually. I joke about getting that first class ticket to hell, but do I really want to go there? Of course not. But I digress.

One thing I really like about going is the Pastor that runs the show. He's animated, funny, and tries hard to keep people entertained and excited about being there. He definitely hangs out around teens and things, picking up lingo to use and keep everyone interested. Like referring to the 20 cats, "not the meow cats though!", thus for you less informed: 20 people. He then preceded to tell us about the Golden Bowl where all our prayers end up as incense in front of God. "That's right! God gets high off your prayers!" and he did the whole little stoner inhale act and we just about died laughing. I mean really? God gets high? Sweet. No wonder he's a superstar! Ahhhh if I'd only realized earlier how much fun church can be..

This week is Thanksgiving. A great holiday week usually with great food & company. This year I don't expect anything less. Just going to be a tad bit ... nervous off the bat. I will be spending Thanksgiving this year with PB & her family. I don't get nervous for things normally, but this time it's different. I care about her & I don't want to have her family hating me or anything.. Not that I think that's the case, but it's the holiday's, etc, so I will be a little nervous. I wish I'd have my Jeep by then, I could use that little bit of comfort. I know that sounds weird but it's like, the one zone I feel absolutely at home in regardless of how nervous I feel. But on the bright side, I'll have her there and that will easily calm me down. I'm sure Friday I'll post a recap of how things end up.

On that note, just a quick blog this fast moving Monday.


Friday, November 21, 2008

Einstein knows what's up...

Today between doing data entry on my project I've been doing my other favorite hobby... Getting people fired up. I can't help it, sometimes I just feel the need to push buttons. Read the comments to see how much fun you can have with people. The best part is you don't have to disclose whether you're for or against, people will just rail away. Gotta love touchy subjects!

TGIF is all I gotta say...

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Whatever happened to "If the store/company doesn't offer what you want, you go elsewhere?"

Today's a busy blog day apparently..

But in a recent ruling eHarmony was found to be guilty of discrimination because it matches only heterosexual couples..

Now I'm not bashing homosexuals. I am however bashing the precedent that this sets. This means that the government or people can attack the business model and ideas you have.

Based off what happened to eHarmony, in theory, I could sue Curves for being an all woman's gym.

It's the same principle. It's discriminating against me because I'm a man. I don't care if that's their business model, New Jersey's lawsuit shows that it's discriminating.

All I can say is wow. If there were no alternatives to eHarmony for homosexual matches, create one. There's a new business idea. Don't sue to change someone else's business model. BAD.

Tech Tuesday's/Thursday's...

So I think Tuesday's and/or Thursday's I'll throw in any cool technical tips or new nerd things to play with.

For today, those of us with Gmail email accounts will appreciate their latest add-on:
E-mail box themes!

At first I was skeptical that it'd be worth anything but man, it's quite fun! I like having something other than the traditional white or company colored email boxes. They've also added
more Lab add-ons, so if you haven't used those yet either, it's all under the settings tab.

(click on the above image to see where you should be looking)

I shall take the heart, for brains do not make one happy, and happiness is the best thing in the world.

Bonus points if you know where the above quote comes from but only if you don't use Google!

So let's start with a little what have I learned, shall we?
  • That I could be sitting on decent money if I decide to take the time to find out!
Ok, so that's really all I have.. I couldn't think of anything else really and this blog has been open up for about 4 hours. Good enough for me!

Last night was fun, knowing PB had a bad day at work we went out to dinner. Or well, kinda. We got Red Robin to-go then went and watched Tropic Thunder in her room. It was a great m-m-mm-movie! mwahaha If you haven't seen it yet, watch it.

We seem to still be having 'twin moments' where as we grow and learn about each other with each other, we are very similar. Those are the moments where one of us will talk about something we like or like to do and the other just looks on and says "Of course you do" because the feeling or like/dislike is the exact same. It's a nice feeling to have actually. For the first time in many years, I'm genuinely happy. I don't feel as though I'm settling or there are unresolved issues that need to be dealt with.

Life is definitely great there.

I think I've come to the conclusion that I'm not going to replace my laptop. I love(d) my Macbook, don't get me wrong. But I think I'd rather just put that money aside and just live with my desktop. Maybe I'll pickup a Mac mini for the office so I still have a mac in the house, but I don't think I'll go to the laptop.

On that note, my DVD player & the 360 have been acting up in ways they haven't before.. *sigh* thus when I talked to the insurance company they told me to add it to the list. I feel bad doing it though because they're broken not stolen, but as the adjuster told me, that's why I have insurance. To make sure everything was working how it was before hand, regardless if it's broken or missing. Still feels weird. I guess because I'm used to my stuff always working since I do take care of my stuff.

Well, that's good enough for today. It's a laid back day for the most part. Rainy and crappy out, great cuddle weather.

Man do I miss my Jeep......

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Maybe I'm just a bad friend?

Yet, sadly, I don't feel badly. So maybe I'm just an ass? Or maybe it's just that as I get older I feel less and less willing to deal with stupid shit from people. As previous blogs would state, I'm all for open mindedness & respecting the right for people to believe what they want. Regardless of topic.. it doesn't matter if it's religion, politics, life, abortion, marriage, jobs, whatever. If you're open minded to what others have to say I'm open minded towards you.

Here's where my problems lay... As an adult we get to make many choices many times a day. Some are impulsive, some are well thought out, some are done out of necessity. Like right now, I'm thirsty, so I'm going to make the choice to go get a cup of coffee. See, that was somewhat thought out. Now, if I were thirsty and decided to go buy a coffee maker, that'd be a little more impulsive. As such, people make impulsive decisions all the time, it's human nature and I'm no exception to that rule. However, some must require you to think out the consequences. Not to bash on any one friend, I'll use a generic example. You impulsively decide you MUST have a pet. Doesn't matter what kind of pet this is, but you MUST have it! Who am I to say you shouldn't or that it's a bad idea? It's your life right? One would assume that if you MUST have it that you put some thought behind it.. Especially if your job is one that sends you out of town for weeks to months on end. Right? That'd be something you'd want to think out ahead of time, kind of goes with responsibility right? Or maybe I'm stretching the thought process too far..

Either way, I don't feel as though I need my house invaded with whatever pet it is because you couldn't say no and walk away. Granted there are exceptions to every rule. For example, the job is new and you had the pet first. But to willingly get a pet knowing you're going to be on the road kind of says you only went on impulse, not looking at what problems it will present. I mean, sure it may be a little selfish, but I'm not sure why I should have to sacrifice my time/$$ for a decision I didn't make.

I'm kind of sad over it too, only because I'm starting to really see things clearer after my disaster day. Maybe because I'm really seeing what and who is important to me in my life. Maybe I just over read the situation, or maybe I'm just tired. I'll use examples, without names nor locations to show my point.. 'Friend A' has been noted before in this blog. Nothing's changed, still inside their own little bubble. 'Friend B' is someone who I thought was a good friend. But what I'm seeing is that she has all kinds of guy friends. I'd say about 99% of them are guys who hope that by being her friend she'll date them. As such, they will do whatever she asks of them, pretty much no questions asked. Because of that, I can see how she uses that to her advantage and probably doesn't even realize it. I just won't bend to those levels because I have no motive other than just being a friend. On the opposite side of the spectrum is 'Friend C'. Friend C is someone who I've known for about 4 years now, spent some time with, worked with, etc. Obviously last week was a bad week, but this friend stepped up to a level I wouldn't have expected. I mean, I know we're close friends, I just didn't think that close when it was offered to me to use their other car until my Jeep was back. I was shocked, I mean out of all my friends, I never would have thought he'd do that. It made me feel special and grateful for those friends I do have. Sharing the spotlight with Friend C is Friend E. Yes, I know I skipped D. But Friend E is someone who I credit with being an awesome friend.

Call it whatever you want, but the friendships and things I have with people are definitely being altered as I quit sitting back and just letting people get away with whatever. There is a definite change in the air.

Here's a little funny to take the edge off a long winded irritated post!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I'm not a big fan of Astrology and all that it means. I don't mind those that do, but it's just my belief. Funny enough, MSN had a thing on their page about how the Chinese calendar based horoscopes can tell you about your relationship... Using PB's bday & mine, it decided to give me:

"This is a highly recommended match where friendship deepens into long-lasting love. Because you are the most romantic partner, and because you want and need both love and affection, you have to assertively whisper sweet nothings in your Dog's ear. Your mate is slow to anger, and you don't want to argue, so there are few disagreements in your union. Get advice if amassing money and decision-making aren't your strong suits as a couple."

Entertaining to say the least.

Monday, November 17, 2008

While individual events may suck I must say my life does not..

So we'll get back to the regularly scheduled format... this section will be long, so we'll start with it...

What have I learned.....
  • I've learned that if you leave the house, make sure you have lights on inside the house. Otherwise upstanding citizens take that as an invitation to make sure you don't have too much stuff.
  • A good woman will get you to do things outside your comfort zone because of a couple reasons including you care about her and because she makes it fun even if you feel stupid.
  • I've said this before, but that I have some of the best friends one could ask for.
  • Church can be fun if you go the right one.
That's a good start for now, it's been a long few days...

Yes, things were a little hosed up Thursday night. But only kind of. I blogged back Thursday about whether or not I'd be sending flowers Friday to PB based off how Thursday night went, as I had an idea of how I wanted things to go. Needless to say, Thursday night was not how I intended it to go based off events that occurred. But that didn't stop me from showing someone how much I appreciated them.. See below picture for a quick Blackberry shot of what was sent:

Yeah, she liked them. Yeah they got the point across. She stayed with me Friday night too, I was so excited to have her with me. We pretty much spent the whole weekend together. Saturday morning when we got up we went down stairs, cooking lunch together then going outside to work on her car and wash it too. Upon completing that I found out that my buddy was going to lend me a car of his until I got my Jeep fixed.. So we decided on dinner and meet him to get the car. After a great dinner (where I happened to run into my old boss), we went back to her apartment to watch some of the fights with her roommate. Then since her roommate wasn't going to the club we decided against it too, and hit up PJ Pockets in Federal Way. Live music, casino, bar, like 15 pool tables, it was great. We gambled and laughed, had a guy at the blackjack table buying us beers as once we showed up he started winning big money.. She got me to dance before leaving, we cuddled and went to bed. Sunday she got me to go to church even. I met her stepdad, we had breakfast, then I got her to play soccer with us.

Even paraphrasing our weekend, I can't completely lay out how I feel. It's just .... amazing. I look forward to her texts, I can't wait to see her, things are just ... great. Even church, not having expectations, I had a really good time. Despite the adversity I can't even begin to explain how freaking happy I am with my life.

Well this blog took literally all day long. It's 4:08pm as of this last note & I started this like 7 hours ago. I've been dealing with insurance and all that, I'll hit that later, but I'm impressed with the process. It's been painless & I'm glad to have chosen so well.

Side note: $5856.64 is the cost to fix my Jeep. 1/3 of it's net worth. Whooohooo! At least they're fixing it instead of totalling.

Friday, November 14, 2008


Well, it's technically 3a.m. So I guess this can be my craptastic Friday blog. At about this point in the day I'm blank. But I'm not tired. PB is passed out on my couch. I'm glad she was here with me actually, as I don't know that I'd have been as calm should otherwise..

Here's a good recap for the day, I'm sure I'll blog out the process that I'm about to go through, might as well save it for history right??

All day at work, I have a pretty damn good day.. I leave around 5:30 and this is when life really turned ..... fun. Heading up the freeway on the way home, it started to get congested at it's normal point. Switching lanes was routine for me so I could head towards home. As I check my blindspot quickly I turn my head to realize the person in front of me slamming on his brakes. This leads me to slam on mine and turn my wheel quickly to try any kind of evasive maneuver. However, I only had less than a .5 second to do anything which, well, in a Jeep is virtually impossible to turn that fast. I then proceed to hit the back side of a small import which then hits the guy in front of him, and then the lady in front of him. 4 cars in all, including mine. So needless to say I was not happy.. Having never been in an accident before, I now get to wade through all the BS of that accident and insurance hell I'm sure..

So I text PB when I'm sitting there on the side of the road while the State Patrol is doing their thing telling her a little bit.. She tells me to call her when I can, which is what I do when I get back to the towing place, my Jeep being backed into it's temporary storage facility. She offers to come get me despite just pulling into her house from work (sweetheart or what?).. Being down already, I couldn't turn her down to get any of my other friends, as I knew seeing her would definitely help me feel better. While I wait for her to get down to me, I call my mom and a few others to get things out there that I'm ok, this is what happened, etc.

We stop at her house on the way to mine so she can change and be more comfortable. We also grab the Family Guy DVD so there's some humor to make the night better.. Little did we know.... So we talk and chat about her day, my day, how the accident happened, etc the whole way to the house. We pull in, get out, I open the door and take off my shoes and start walking towards the back... Guess what I see?

YEP! My back door is wide open.. I'm like wtf, this can't be real, how'd that happen? As I walk back, I see glass all over my floor.. YEP! Someone decided to break into my window, open it, and then let themselves through, then I'm guessing let someone else in the back door. Oh and they left through the door by the pool table. Awesome. So I call 911, walking around the house and seeing what's not where it should be, what's missing, wondering who the fuck was in my house, and just overall wondering wtf I did to have a day like today..

As of this blog what's missing...
  • My 15" Macbook Pro. I had it upgraded to 4g of RAM, so I will be watching CraigsList for it.
  • My digital camera.
  • My Xbox Controller battery pack recharger (no shit)
  • My .380 (great, now an armed intruder..). However, they left me my .45. Maybe they'll come back & I can show them how it works.. hmmmm
  • Alaska's two pool sticks (est $2k, not even including the sentimental value)
  • I think a bunch of CD's. I say I think, because as I was in my computer room earlier, I looked over and the top row of CD's has very few CD's. But because I cut over all my CD's to MP3, I never looked at them.. The more I think about it though, the more I think they did.
I don't know at this point that's all I know is gone. They had unplugged everything from my TV like they were thinking about taking it or my XBox as it was in the middle of my floor. When I was plugging everything back in so we could still watch Family Guy (hey, still needed to laugh, more than ever), I think my wire mess saved my xbox. Not only do I have a ton of wires behind my TV, I zip tied them together. Thus, when they were trying to get cords and things, it was nasty for them.

After the cop came, I talked to both the neighbor across the street and then next door as well. All the while PB was by my side. She gave me a big hug when we were upstairs too, just when I really needed it. I called my landlady, they brought some plywood in the back of their truck and put it up for me. PB, working for a cleaning company that specializes in vandalism and things of that nature, went into work mode, sweeping up all the glass and doing a spectacular job.

We left after the board was up, going to get some food, we were both starving and it was already 10:40. After realizing that most places were closed, including Red Robin, we decided on Jack-In-The-Box. It was good. We brought it back and ate while watching Family Guy. Cuddled up halfway through the movie, it was nice. She started falling asleep though, as did I, on the couch, but I got up, and she passed out. Asking me to set the alarm for 6:30. She didn't want to move upstairs, I think she thought walking upstairs and all that would wake her up. Which is fine, I just don't really like the idea of her down there on the couch. I've already walked down there 2-3 times just to check on her. I'll end up being her wakeup alarm, there's not a real good chance I'll be sleeping in the next 2 hours.

But out of all the sadness, some good things have come from it. Ok, I can't think of what some things are, just one. PB. I know I have great friend support. A couple phone calls and I'd had more than one person on their way here. That's why they're my friends. But she easily didn't have to do any of what she did today. We've known each other like 3 weeks. I'm so glad she was here though. It just felt right.

Well I've stayed up late enough (4:30 now), my mom's online. So I'm gonna chat with her a few and call this one a wrap. No neat pictures, nothing for this blog. Maybe later.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

WTF is the point then?!

"You seem to want your cake and eat it too"

NO SHIT?! That saying is the stupidest fucking saying on the planet. Of course I'm going to eat it. It's a cake! I'm not supposed to just sit and look at it! Or am I supposed to want my cake and then give it away?! Help me out, what am I supposed to do with my cake??

This rant brought to you by tools that like to say a stupid ass saying as a counter to an argument.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Time to start another 5hr blog. As I look at the clock on my work laptop, I see that it's about 9-9:30a everyday that I start a blog entry. Then it's usually 12-1p by the time I finish it out. Damn work interruptions, can't they see how busy I am typing up my blog?! hahaha

Things I've learned ?
  • Definitely don't eat just salad for dinner. By that I mean just lettuce & salad dressing. A grilled chicken salad at like Red Robin is ok, but just a Caesar salad out of a bag is not. Just a note to live by.
  • Guitar Hero is really hard @ 4:21. I'm going to have to try it @ 4:19. I think (or friggin hope) that it might be a tad easier on me.
So I used my mad Google ninja skills and found an address that could be very handy to have. As Dimes and I have been discussing the past 10 minutes, at this point, it could go either direction if I use it now. Which I planned on tomorrow if I do it anyway, so we'll wait and see how the next 24hrs go before making my choice.

We shall see. Tomorrow I will blog about the choice I made and how tonight went. Hard to say at this point. I'd say I'm about 70% sure I will, tonight will make that number go +/- 25%. If - then nothing tomorrow. If + then yes tomorrow. If +/- 0%, then I may just flip a coin.

Apparently I don't know many music people. I say this because I was on CMT last night, PB & I had watched My Big Redneck Wedding the night before, and I saw an interview w/ Kid Rock before the CMA Awards, talking about a guest guitarist. When he came on to perform I was watching for someone I would recognize and being a kick ass guitar player would be on stage with him. Sadly I didn't see anyone special or different. Turns out, one of them was Lil Wayne & he wasn't even playing, rather just looking like he was playing. I had no idea who the guy was. Whoops.

That show was good though, there were some very good moments, some great songs, some very good people. I think I'm entering that country mood now, where it's time to start listening more again. I seem to sway from time to time. Needing some 80's & 90's to then going to hip hop or rap, then maybe some country.

Well tomorrow's Friday too. WHOOHOOO! About damn time! Stay dry all & drive safe!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Some romantic moments are better than others...

For example of this, I'm sitting here watching the CMA Music Awards and Brad Paisley is one of the hosts.. So when he just won an award he came out from the back to accept it, only he didn't stop at the podium. Rather he continued down to his pregnant wife and gave her and her pregnant belly a kiss. You could hear the synchronized "Awwwwwww" from the crowd as well. It's moments like that when it sucks the most to be single..

Finished the flag football team's logo tonight:

I'm not sure how close it is to being done, but it's a good start for the first season. Should be a great time!

No clever subject today...

Pulling up Komo, I see floods galore. That should keep PB happy, more business, more money. This blog could end up long, even as long as it takes, I have a few topics I want to vent on and entertain.. But first, let's keep the format that's worked for me!

Things I learned ....
  • Dimes has it right, I just never realized.. Comment moderation is key to these places. Otherwise you post a blog with the word "Abortion" in it and you get people who failed reading comprehension in like 1st grade and like to try and preach to you in a comment.
  • I also learned just how irritating people are to me when they like to impose their beliefs on you. I don't care your religion, your political beliefs, or your moral standing.
  • That I really enjoy hanging out with PB. To the point it makes me nervous to think about..
To hit on point #2, that's just one of those things that really touches a nerve.. because really, I'm glad you have an opinion on any touchy subject that is out there. I'm glad you have one, really I am.. However, preaching it to me just means your message gets lost. Imagine this, as an American and human being, I have the right to believe whatever I want. Things like gay marriage, Obama, abortion, Bush, war, terrorism, 9/11, etc, seem to bring out people on all sides. It's cool you have an opinion, respect mine or keep yours to yourself. If you think dismissing my opinion to preach your religious belief on any topic is going to get your point across, sorry, but I'm not one of those small minded change because someone says to. Pray? Sure, for you. Because your lack of open mindedness to others opinions shows you're the one that needs the most help.

Who are you to believe your stance is better than mine? You really think your way is the only way? Great. Enjoy your dillusioned world. Because you're off for a stressful life of praying for all of us and preaching your way of life.

My greatest freedom I enjoy living here? My freedom of speech (as this is MY blog) and the ability to say "Fuck off" anytime I want. Don't like it, leave. I didn't force you to come here, I didn't ask your opinion even. If you don't have an open mind, guess what, better find a new blog to read. Because I don't care if you're straight, gay, bi-sexual, tri-sexual, like animals, a woman, man, he-she, black, white, Asian, tan, Eskimo, Mexican, French, Canadian, or whatever. I'll hit on whatever it is. I don't pull punches. I don't hold back.

'nuff said.

Now that my venting is complete, I'm moving on to happier topics. I've quit over thinking any situation in regards to just one person. However, I've started to really enjoy my time with said person. It's like we never run out of things to talk about, no matter what the occasion is. We could be watching a tv show we both want to watch, yet we'll talk through most of it, catching a piece here and there when we hear something funny. So A+ there. Optimism, it's what I'm made of.

I'm thinking I should post random stats or facts that I find that make me laugh. Given the nature of the last few weeks, I've got one I just must post for historical sense..

Quoting a CNN article: In a CNN/Opinion Research Corporation survey released Tuesday, 59 percent of those questioned think that Democratic control of both the executive and legislative branches will be good for the country, with 38 percent saying that such one-party control will be bad.

The entertaining part of that, is just like normal, it's a very vocal part of the minority that's throwing a fit. And by that number it's definitely a minority.

Whoohoo, it's 1:15, I started this blog about 4hrs ago. Continuing the tradition!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A topic of epic proportions..

So on the way home I saw a bumper sticker..

"Against Abortion? Don't Have One!"

Now, having my own views on this, I will save how I felt about that bumper sticker to a future blog. However, I will say it made me smile. Why? Not because of how I feel about the topic, but rather because really, it takes a very strong person to put such a strong message on the back of your car. I've got to admire the backbone I don't have, I couldn't tote such a controversial message on the back of the Jeep. No chance.

Whether you agree or disagree.... someone has some huge balls either way.

Who doesn't love deadlines?!

I mean really, who doesn't love learning 7 weeks before the end of the year that a project I was assigned is due at the end of the year. Granted, normally that'd be no big deal. Until you learn you have 7 sites to do in 7 weeks, with each site having hundreds of pieces of equipment.

Gotta love it.... right?

Be a dreamer. If you don't know how to dream, you're dead.

So today starts another fun rain storm. It's foggy, dreary and just crappy out. I miss the nice days already, I want to get out on my bike damn it! Speaking of that, I need to start it one night after work and let it run and warm up a bit.

Oh well, this is Seattle after all right?

Things I've learned through the last near 24hrs:
  • Dimes watches football enough to analyze things about the games. As deep as comparing home/away jerseys of teams and who their quarterbacks are.. I mean, damn I didn't even know that Shaun Hill was the starting QB for the 49ers. I thought it was still going to be O'Sullivan.
  • The more I talk to one person, the more I realize I'm almost talking to myself. She actually said that last night as well. Because regardless of who's speaking, me or her, it's like the words coming out match what the other would be saying as well. Makes talking and hanging out that much easier. Crazy.
  • Dick's is probably the single best burger place in Seattle. Sadly they are only in Seattle proper, not in the 'burbs. Damn Dick, expand!
Just had a chat with PB. She had a rough day at work yesterday that totally flipped 180* today. So she was excited and wanted to tell me about it. Go figure that all that happened before she saw my text to her this morning, then saw that and just added to the great day she's having thus far. She's turning me back into a phone person again too I noticed.

Well as usual, it's taken me a ton of time to write this daily blog out. This is a good start for the day, maybe I'll blog once I get home and unwind. Sometime around 4:21. As it's 4:19.

Monday, November 10, 2008

My how I love your whispering eye..

So now let us go gingerly touch our tips! Ahhh for those that haven't seen it, Role Models is a great movie. However, if you're offended by seeing boobs on screen, there is plenty of it in this one so you might want to go somewhere else. Plus language, can't forget that. But it's hilarious for those of you not easily offended.

Let's see, did I learn anything this weekend....
  • I need to not overthink things when it comes to women, just go with the damn flow!
  • I know now, why all new movies keep breaking records when they're popular. It's because it's $10 a damn person! Not that it wasn't worth it, because it was, but man, that price sure does jump!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Where's the pause button?!

I need more hours, just no more work hours. That's what I want. Because I seem to attract more people that need/want more time..

Things I learned today..
  • My dad's an f*ing pool shark.. I can play when I want to play, and even when I stepped it up, he continued to wipe the floor with me. Sadly I was playing well and couldn't pull it off.
  • My furnace, water heater AND stove top are all on the natural gas line.
Yes, as noted above, I know what appliances I have on natural gas now. I got home Friday night to a note on my door saying they were out fixing a gas leak. Yes that's right, a gas leak.. apparently they were checking my meter and smelled gas. So they called out a crew, who shut the gas off, fixed the leak, then wouldn't start my gas again, so I could be notified and the pilot lights be lit when the gas was turned on. I saw it, figured I'd call when I got up in the morning today. Well, yeah, I had to rush that choice, once I realized my hot water heater is on it. No hot shower (especially when I have company) means they need to get out here and get my gas on! Luckily for me, after leaks they do connects 7 days a week. So the guy was here about 2 hours after I called it in. Thank god, I was in a panic, knowing I had company coming and had no hot water!

Well, that's it for tonight. Gonna finish with one last statement: Of course I do Dimes, it's the perfect size for you with just the right punch.. ;)

Friday, November 7, 2008


I'm going to try and ween myself away from writing any future political based blogs, at least for the time being. However, I must plug Dimes' blog, because well, she articulates her thoughts very well and without the anger that is evident in my rants about the stupid people.. So A+..
Something I've learned since yesterday:
  • I love understanding my Jeep in ways most people don't understand their vehicles. I say this because even the slightest change in the way it drives I know how to react. For example, as I started hydroplaning last night, I knew the feel, I knew how it'd handle, I knew how to bring it back without even a slide or motion that would have notified anyone with me. They'd not even know that I kept us from doing 360's down 167! Gotta love that!
  • That apparently I need to wind down a little bit.. I first heard I was a little hyper and what not from one person.. Thinking they were nuts I laughed it off after they had mentioned it once we were off the phone.. I mean, me hyper, it was a good day, I was just glad to be home and happy. Then a second person mentioned it. Totally different people, saying close to the same thing.. Whooops, that's me. So I learned to tone it down a bit while on the phone, even if I'm hyper. Just relax, deep breath and enjoy the day, without being crazy!

Well, I start blogging early. This one was started at 11. It is now almost 2:30. SO my daily blogs entail a lot of the day, as well as last night. Oh well. I shared 2 pitchers at lunch so I can blog about whatever after that..

Well it's Friday, so enjoy your weekends, if it's like last week, I won't blog until Monday. We'll see!!

Take care!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

It likes to sprinkle in Seattle....

Yet, I've noticed a number of drive-thru places that don't have any kind of cover for the car at the window. Who's idea was this? Seriously, I mean, if I roll my window down to pay, get my food, etc, and all I do is get wet for the time it's down, do you think I'm going to go there again? I know I could roll my window up after I pay, whatever, but my windows are manual, takes too much time when it's just a little while. Point is, I shouldn't have to!

Things I've learned since last blog:
  • G-Money hooked me up goooood. Last night was fun. I love my friends.
  • I will not eat at places without a cover on the drive-thru, see above.
  • While I don't mind race type jokes (that's right Dimes, you're my little twinkie!) usually, I'm kind of disturbed at the # of racist text messages going around about our new President actually. I'm not sure why yet, I just know I'm not impressed nor laughing at any of them I end up receiving. Maybe it's because the jokes poke fun at stereotypes, however he's far from your normal stereotype, thus those jokes just aren't funny.
So apparently I get the newspaper now. Despite never reading it. Greaaat. My landlady bought a 3-mo subscription at a Seahawks game so she could get a 'free' t-shirt. Her partner did the same, so she had one subscription going to my house & they kept the other for where they are at. They just need to throw it further up by the garage. Whatever happened to the paper near your door. Was that just back in the day or do some places still get that?

Well the rain has started.. Looks to be around for a while even. Oh well, it already gets dark early, might as well throw the full package in now. Less of a shock than it doing it later I suppose. Hell, it's November, where's the snow?! On that note it's almost time where the stores swap to Christmas music and decorations. I think I found my next tree though. Just need to start working on it soon though!

Well, time to finish up some work then get out of the office.. It's taken me most of the day to type this up as it is. I'm sure there will be more entries tonight later.

Peace out yo! ha

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Tempora mutantur nos et mutamur in illis

I know I hit on it before, but it's even more interesting now.. As change is here and people start to realize that things won't be the same (because we really wanted the same right?), the little tidbits people post, talk about on forums, blogs and things seem to be the same. They spout off about different pieces of information that still aren't true. Funny thing is, it gets them no where.. you can't sway people now. You want to say he's a terrorist, or communist, or anything of that nature... great. Please do. However, with your "argument" please quote facts, including a source. The email you were forwarded from your sisters baby's daddy's uncle who got it from his co-worker's cousin who saw an article online somewhere on MySpace won't really count as a source though. How about something with some real substance to it... Like for example, I referenced McCain's age before. I don't like that he's old, and not just a fresh senior citizen, but old. He's 72. That's a fact. The average US life expectancy (per the CIA) is 75.9. Meaning that if elected, there's a chance he'd be dead before he even finishes his term. <<See that? That's my opinion about not liking his age mixed with facts to show he is indeed 72, and the life expectancy is 75.9. Notice how that works, then you can combat my facts with your personal opinion on why being near death age is ok to be president.

However, they won't find facts for their stupidity argument.. Because most everything they want to link, connect, bitch about, cry about, and be upset over is just their pissy attitude that their candidate lost. It's how life will be for you.. win some, lose some. If you're that big of a baby because you lost, I can't even imagine what it must be like to play any kind of game or sport against you. The type that loses at pool and throws their stick across the room. Because it was definitely the stick's fault, not the tool holding it.

It is funny to note, we may not be (as) racist... but there is plenty of stupid out there. I'm open to others opinions. And opinions don't always require facts. But if you're going to spout off about someone and state things as if they are facts, well, better verify them before hand. 'nuff said.

Change is not merely necessary to life — it is life.

.. and change there is. Not a little bit of change even, but a lot of change. After Election Day '08, things will forever be changed. People (some anyhow) looked past race and age and decided that things that were previously working would not work any longer. Out goes Bush and anything else the Republican's controlled. Sadly though, that also appears to be the case with the Washington governor race as well. That's one place we needed change to Republican to get the Wicked Witch of the West out of there.

Enough people were fed up with the economy, the war, Bush, & all the crap. John McCain seems to be a nice guy. But so were my grandpa's, and well, in their 70's, I wouldn't want them presidents either, and I love them. He's about 4-5 years from a nursing home. I'm surprised he got as many votes as he did to begin with. But that's what America is all about. Grandpa's, Mom's, Dad's, anyone can run.

But on the humor side of it, today's Myspace & Facebook status messages are quite entertaining. People bummed, talking about the rise of Socialism, Communism, distributing the wealth, etc. It's going to be an entertaining few months I'm sure, as those people refuse to accept the change. Instead they'll critique every move, saying the whole way "This is why he shouldn't have won.." because you know, McCain would have been so much better... only problem is, over 50% of America doesn't agree. Which is why McCain's heading back to his Senate job while he has it.

So the life of a technical nerd includes trash talking over work email in database queries. For example, a knock on me and "No-arms" out of Vegas..

Select * from CANDERSO_HAREM
where ARMS <> 2

Then we all start combating each other in SQL querries. Yes, we are those people. I think later today I'm going to blog about the above statement and how I feel about that whole thing.. Because I've put a ton of thought into it, for reasons I don't know that I understand fully yet..

Things I learned yesterday...
  • I'm growing up. I know that's kind of obvious, but I realized as people were forwarding stupid text messages about the election, that I didn't really think it was funny. I knew the historic event unfolding around me & the last thing I thought was that it was a funny thing. I didn't find the racist or crude remarks funny even in the slightest. Which is really odd, since I find almost anything funny and nothing tabboo. I guess when you're dealing with something that is as historic as MLK, it's hard to see the humor in stupid shit like that.
  • That after 3 years of living & enjoying the single life, I'm slowly starting to hate it. Well, maybe hate is a strong word? I just see all these things I really want to do, and I'm kind of getting tired of not having someone to share them with. Though funny enough I think out of all the people I've met, somehow, I think PB has it. But we'll see.
This is all for right now. I hope all my friends are having a great Wednesday and the woman of my dreams is thinking about what she wants for the future.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Believe it or not, I'm quite impressed.. WOW.

I can't do everyday..

.... I'm just not that hardcore. Dimes reports in her blog that there's a 'Blog daily for a month' contest for faithful bloggers. I guess the idea is to blog everyday for a month, but November is their big giveaway month. I wasn't sure what it was exactly so I figured I'd Google it and see what I'd find. But as I've said above, I just won't do everyday. Especially if my internet doesn't quit sucking balls at night. That's right, only at night the past 2 nights does my Internet just suck. I wake up and it's fine, like there was never a problem. It better work tonight or Comcast will be getting an unhappy phone call.

Things I learned yesterday... hmmm I didn't do a whole lot yesterday, but I did learn that ESPN (which is owned by Disney) is democrat based. I learned this because they did a Monday Night Football interview with both McCain & Obama. I would say Obama definitely got more speaking time & was the first interview. McCains was shorter and there wasn't really any kind of intro. Definitely something interesting to see. Or maybe that was just my read.

On a side note for history's sake, today's election day '08. The mud slinging is finally going to slow down after today. No more stupid ass political commercials, though I'm sure there's going to be recounts and lawsuits, if it follows '04. Wonder if Washington will see another stolen governor election.... but given the presidential election it'll be hushed away like in '04. Soon it will be over at least.

G-Money has his second interview here today. I can't wait, I'm hoping he gets it. He needs a good company like this. There are secondary benefits, but those are very minor compared to the good reasons.


Monday, November 3, 2008

Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes...

Ok, so it appears I don't blog a lot on the weekends... I was going to last night but mid paragraph my internet went down and when I went to bed it was still down. Luckily, it was up this morning when I went to work. I'm kind of glad I skipped last night, I had so many things mentally running through my head, I was having a problem actually putting them on paper (or screen).

This year, November will be a little different. It'll be 3 years of learning and growth on my part, flying solo, doing my thing. Things have changed a ton since 2005. I think that's the thing that surprises me most, though I know I'm not the only one surprised by that fact. 3 years and I'm still single. That used to last a week or two, maybe a month. Those that have known me the longest definitely know I normally don't stay single for long. I guess it's different when you get royally burnt and refuse to just spend that quality time with anyone that you meet.

I've been asked through people I've met, questions online from dating sites, etc, what it is I wish most for the future. Honestly, now that I've got a house, I kind of miss the domestic piece. Having someone to share it with. Cooking dinners, watching movies, breakfast in bed, etc. I think that is the one thing I really look forward to is that. But I'm not going to rush it. I'm not going to worry about it. I'd rather be single and live life then settle down with someone full of red flags, which has been my past. So single for as long as I have been is not a bad thing, or well, I suppose it's not. Everything happens for a reason right?

New lesson of the weekend..... no more freakin picture mail sending. I sent a cheer up pic to PT on Thursday night. After she told me about her totaling her car in an accident earlier that day. However, she received it Saturday morning at 3am. Ummm, given the events of Friday for her, it didn't need to get there then. I'd rather it just failed and not gone at all. Oh well. But it appears my earlier observation was somewhat accurate on the drama piece! The other one is still somewhat of an unknown..

New lesson #2, don't go play blackjack with a guy that apparently doesn't know how to play. Though on the fun side his dumbass moves made it fun to flirt with the dealer. We were sharing looks all night. Sadly though, I am not so sure how one would pass a # over to a dealer, given the strict rules of casino's. So I didn't. But really, who the fuck hits on a 17?! And splits 10's with a dealer face card showing? Who splits 10's anyway?! Needless to say, no more gambling around that crap. It's one thing when it's a video game, it's another when it's real money.

Well, that's a good enough start, I'm sure I'll blab on tonight later once I get home. Due to fairly tight expenses the next two weeks, I'll be chilling at home more than a lot of other activities.

Fun times!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Small world...

So looking through my mom's Facebook friends, I stumbled across a name that just looked way too familiar. So I did my cyber-sleuthing to find out more about that person to see if it was indeed who it looked to be. It was that person and she was friends with my sister too.

A simple text to my mom clarified the issue.. That woman works with and sits next to my mom. Really? How odd & crazy is that?

The woman that I'm talking about is the sister of my good friend who passed away back in December of 2001. I haven't seen his family since January of 2002. I've heard updates, sat and had lunch with his old childhood best friend in the spring of 2004, but that's it. And now my mom works right next to her.. You want to talk about a small world.. ... ....

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity

Ohhh what a night. Man, I need more of those! Lessons learned yesterday: Homefield advantage will always be the single most important thing in life and sports. Sometimes the norm will not apply.

One thing I've been planning in my head is to get into a solid workout routine starting on my birthday. Due to the party last night and things, I delayed it a few extra days to be smart. Sooo, while I'm not a morning person, but I've debated about trying the get up at 5am & go to the gym. But that puts me in bed no later than 11pm every night. After work could do it too, but somehow I just see it harder because there's always something going on after work. Hanging out with friends, soccer, relaxing, etc. If I did the morning, I could work out, go home, shower, eat breakfast, then go to work. I like that plan. Now, when to start.... tomorrow? No better time than the present! I just verified my club hours, they open @ 5.

There we have it: plan in place.. Starting 30 off with a bunch of +'s not to mention new friends, new opportunities, and a new plan...


I forgot about the most memorable moment of the night..... where one friend tells us about her favorite way to have a hot dog. With mayo and peanut butter! Needless to say, I was ... surprised! I shall now call her PB!

Things always have a way of working out...

I swear to God, the rule continues! Tonight was C's going away party. Met her new b/f at the same time, why she's moving to begin with. Great guy! Played pool, chatted a bit, I'm glad she found him. He and I then learned we'd be the only two guys at this party and there'd be like 5 other women. Yeah, I know, my life is soooo fucking rough. Not knowing any of them, what they looked like, etc, I wasn't actually looking towards trying to hook up with any, I just thought it'd be a fun night, some shit talking, etc.

It started like that too. There was one that was trying to be all flirty, I think it was the typical blonde thing. I can't judge, but there was a vibe there. But not that kind of vibe, but rather something told me there could be some serious drama potential. There was another one, looked somewhat familiar. Can't place it, but she was cute. Didn't drink with the rest of us, due to a concussion from an earlier drinking and walking accident.. haha sounds like me & Vegas! So we'll see, who knows what happens in the future right?

Oh and the rule that I talk about? That I always meet one person one way, for example back in the day how I met C, and then someone they know is someone I start chasing. So who knows, we'll see how all this pans out, but everything happens for a reason.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Everyday is a new day...

.. and you should learn something from every previous day. Even a minor lesson. Like me, I learned that a broken water main can flood a neighborhood quickly. (Not mine, but sucks to be them!) I learned that when I focus, I can completely de-clutter and clean my house in 3 hours. I learned that some "friends" should probably step outside of their own little world and realize it doesn't revolve around just them. Looking back, those are the highlights of things. I'll try and start each 'daily' blog with something I've learned. Even if it's just a minor detail. If I learned it, you will too!

This is my step into 30. I'm going to try and go not more than 3 days between blogs, for at least the year. Start of my new decade with history, stories, and fun. When I was 20, things were not as cool as they are now. Now, life is change. BFF#1 is moving to Texas, thus a going away party tonight. I'm not sad, I'm excited for her. I'm hoping she flies in the new atmosphere away from everything. I was still in school at 20. Now I'm 8 years into a career, at a job where I could spend the rest of my life. 10 years, countless stories, tears, laughter, pain and pleasure. It's had it all. I don't know that I'll recap the previous 10 over the next year, but I'll reference some things. I know some entries (like this one) will end up kind of long, I tend to have ADD and my mind jumps all over the place, so I just type it out as it comes. I'll try to keep some focus when typing though.

Items I got for my birthday: a better understanding of friends, the Cannabis Cookbook (entertaining read), a couple cards, and a touching email. (Thanks again :) )

Go figure also, no fog this morning. Ride on your birthday, it'll be nice... Should have ridden today too. haha oh well. This Jeep pic sums it up pretty damn good though:::

I hope you have a wonderful day today, after all, it's hump day! Almost Friday, so I'm sure you're working on your weekend plans. Hopefully it's something relaxing, it's supposed to be crappy in the NW (if you're up here).

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Probably the last time, but hey....

.. it's my birthday afterall. I jumped on the R1 and rode it into work. Yesterday morning was beautiful out, sun, chilly, but bright. Today, wake up.... FOG. Shit! But oh well, it's my birthday and I'm starting it with a quick ride to work. Want to know what my legs felt like after I got off?

Yeah, it was a bit chilly. It was well worth the ride however. To feel the speed I haven't had in a while, the fresh air flying by. I must say that it was a great way to start off the day.. Besides, a fresh cup of coffee will warm anyone up quickly.

On a side note, I hope the woman of my dreams is having a wonderful day today. I don't quite know where she is, nor who she is, but the least I can do is wish her a great fall day.

My next 30 years ...

Yeah, I know it's a Tim McGraw song... but it fits. My first 30 years were a bunch of learning experiences. Not to mention I used up 18 years being a dependent. While those were great years, that means I've only really experienced the last 12. Then, living at home while going to college until I was a little over 21, thus leaving about 9. Take into account hard lessons to learn that took up about 6 years, I've really only lived 3 years.


So then I guess the question is ... what have I done with my last 3 years.. Well let's see. Work sent me all over the U.S. I stayed in hotels and cities I'll never probably go to nor would have gone to otherwise. I spent some time enjoying Atlanta. 2 trips to Vegas in 6 months. Really that aspect has been nice. I got the vehicle of my dreams, the bike of my dreams. I have a pretty slick house, I got a pool table, I have nice furniture, cool electronics. Yay for 'things'. But one thing is for sure... my next 30 years will have someone legit and real in it. This I know.

Other things I'd like to see in the next 30? I'd say a real wedding. More good friends, laughing moments, inside jokes, fun and then more fun. Kids? Maybe. Seeing more of the U.S.? Definitely. I'm sure there will be drunkin parties, bbq's, and a lot more events that we can't even invision yet.

And I look forward to each and every one of them. Because I must admit, friends make the world go 'round and well.... I have the best batch around. As we all cross into "middle age" I wish great health all the way around.

I think it's bed time. It's only 2:30 am after all. I'll leave you with an image I took with my blackberry. It shows why I love Seattle so much. I mean, where else do you always get views like this?

Monday, October 20, 2008

Ahhhh home...

Granted being at work isn't the best way to relax, but it sure feels good to be back in the routine after 3 days of alcohol, little sleep and entertaining stories out of Vegas. I'm alive, not bankrupt, nor suffering from alcohol poisoning. I'd have to say then, it was a very successful trip! I'll recap the trip at a later time, probably tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The forbidden fruit...

Something I've learned about a lot of people that are "Open minded" ...... They're only open minded if you see their point of view. Failure to see their point, agree with them, or convert to their view and you're just wrong.

As we all know it's an election year. It really brings out people that are either strongly Democrat or strongly Republican. But it's weird this year. GWB has actually fucked up enough to turn Republican's to vote Democrat. But that's another topic for later. I'm just tired of seeing stupid ass email forwards and blogs about facts that can influence someone who isn't sure, when it's not even full of FACTS. I'm sorry, but if you're going to spew political crap out of your mouth, make sure it's accurate or shut the fuck up and go home. Seriously. Because if you start off with a bunch of shit that is either a- not true, b- outdated, or c- impossible then you will not like me after 2 minutes of talking. I will cut through your line like a chainsaw cuts through paper. But because you're so "open minded" you'll fail to see my point and you'll walk away thinking just how big of an asshole I am.

I'll help you fix that: deal with it (or well, even better, get your facts straight...).

Obama isn't a terrorist, he isn't a Muslim, and to top it off the Democrats may control congress but they didn't cause what's happening now in the housing market and banking crisis. Sure they're in office now, but the wheels for this moment were set in motion back about 4 years ago. When home prices went through the fucking roof and they were giving out home loans to anyone with a pen in their hand to sign the documents. Gas prices are expensive, but it wasn't until the last 6 months or so that we talked about more domestic drilling to help lower our need of foreign oil. Bet you won't see that on the email chain. Hey look, as the world responds to the global crisis the stock market is climbing fast, putting value back into retirement funds, pensions & the like. But it wouldn't be because the current Congress did anything, of course not. That would be almost admitting treason to those hard core "fact" spewers. (Yes I know I'm forgetting to mention the fact the president has veto power over anything at his desk & the democrats don't control enough to over ride one... but again, small mundane detail if you ask an "open minded" Republican.)

You'd think that with all that I'm saying that I'm a Democrat. While I believe in some of the same theories, I don't align with either of the major parties. I tend to go with things that make the most sense to me. I may not be a political science major, but myself and about 70% of America see the current system as not only broken, but completely fucked up. If you're one of those 30% that can't seem to get enough of the GWB reach-around, more power to you. I however, have a little more self respect than to just sit there and take it because of a loyalty to a party of people.

On that note, I'm going to end this rant before I just keep going and going and going. When it comes to stupid people I can rant for ages.

My one line summary of this novel:
Get your fucking facts straight or keep your "opinions" to yourself.. Thank you.