Friday, November 21, 2008

Einstein knows what's up...

Today between doing data entry on my project I've been doing my other favorite hobby... Getting people fired up. I can't help it, sometimes I just feel the need to push buttons. Read the comments to see how much fun you can have with people. The best part is you don't have to disclose whether you're for or against, people will just rail away. Gotta love touchy subjects!

TGIF is all I gotta say...

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Whatever happened to "If the store/company doesn't offer what you want, you go elsewhere?"

Today's a busy blog day apparently..

But in a recent ruling eHarmony was found to be guilty of discrimination because it matches only heterosexual couples..

Now I'm not bashing homosexuals. I am however bashing the precedent that this sets. This means that the government or people can attack the business model and ideas you have.

Based off what happened to eHarmony, in theory, I could sue Curves for being an all woman's gym.

It's the same principle. It's discriminating against me because I'm a man. I don't care if that's their business model, New Jersey's lawsuit shows that it's discriminating.

All I can say is wow. If there were no alternatives to eHarmony for homosexual matches, create one. There's a new business idea. Don't sue to change someone else's business model. BAD.

Tech Tuesday's/Thursday's...

So I think Tuesday's and/or Thursday's I'll throw in any cool technical tips or new nerd things to play with.

For today, those of us with Gmail email accounts will appreciate their latest add-on:
E-mail box themes!

At first I was skeptical that it'd be worth anything but man, it's quite fun! I like having something other than the traditional white or company colored email boxes. They've also added
more Lab add-ons, so if you haven't used those yet either, it's all under the settings tab.

(click on the above image to see where you should be looking)

I shall take the heart, for brains do not make one happy, and happiness is the best thing in the world.

Bonus points if you know where the above quote comes from but only if you don't use Google!

So let's start with a little what have I learned, shall we?
  • That I could be sitting on decent money if I decide to take the time to find out!
Ok, so that's really all I have.. I couldn't think of anything else really and this blog has been open up for about 4 hours. Good enough for me!

Last night was fun, knowing PB had a bad day at work we went out to dinner. Or well, kinda. We got Red Robin to-go then went and watched Tropic Thunder in her room. It was a great m-m-mm-movie! mwahaha If you haven't seen it yet, watch it.

We seem to still be having 'twin moments' where as we grow and learn about each other with each other, we are very similar. Those are the moments where one of us will talk about something we like or like to do and the other just looks on and says "Of course you do" because the feeling or like/dislike is the exact same. It's a nice feeling to have actually. For the first time in many years, I'm genuinely happy. I don't feel as though I'm settling or there are unresolved issues that need to be dealt with.

Life is definitely great there.

I think I've come to the conclusion that I'm not going to replace my laptop. I love(d) my Macbook, don't get me wrong. But I think I'd rather just put that money aside and just live with my desktop. Maybe I'll pickup a Mac mini for the office so I still have a mac in the house, but I don't think I'll go to the laptop.

On that note, my DVD player & the 360 have been acting up in ways they haven't before.. *sigh* thus when I talked to the insurance company they told me to add it to the list. I feel bad doing it though because they're broken not stolen, but as the adjuster told me, that's why I have insurance. To make sure everything was working how it was before hand, regardless if it's broken or missing. Still feels weird. I guess because I'm used to my stuff always working since I do take care of my stuff.

Well, that's good enough for today. It's a laid back day for the most part. Rainy and crappy out, great cuddle weather.

Man do I miss my Jeep......

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Maybe I'm just a bad friend?

Yet, sadly, I don't feel badly. So maybe I'm just an ass? Or maybe it's just that as I get older I feel less and less willing to deal with stupid shit from people. As previous blogs would state, I'm all for open mindedness & respecting the right for people to believe what they want. Regardless of topic.. it doesn't matter if it's religion, politics, life, abortion, marriage, jobs, whatever. If you're open minded to what others have to say I'm open minded towards you.

Here's where my problems lay... As an adult we get to make many choices many times a day. Some are impulsive, some are well thought out, some are done out of necessity. Like right now, I'm thirsty, so I'm going to make the choice to go get a cup of coffee. See, that was somewhat thought out. Now, if I were thirsty and decided to go buy a coffee maker, that'd be a little more impulsive. As such, people make impulsive decisions all the time, it's human nature and I'm no exception to that rule. However, some must require you to think out the consequences. Not to bash on any one friend, I'll use a generic example. You impulsively decide you MUST have a pet. Doesn't matter what kind of pet this is, but you MUST have it! Who am I to say you shouldn't or that it's a bad idea? It's your life right? One would assume that if you MUST have it that you put some thought behind it.. Especially if your job is one that sends you out of town for weeks to months on end. Right? That'd be something you'd want to think out ahead of time, kind of goes with responsibility right? Or maybe I'm stretching the thought process too far..

Either way, I don't feel as though I need my house invaded with whatever pet it is because you couldn't say no and walk away. Granted there are exceptions to every rule. For example, the job is new and you had the pet first. But to willingly get a pet knowing you're going to be on the road kind of says you only went on impulse, not looking at what problems it will present. I mean, sure it may be a little selfish, but I'm not sure why I should have to sacrifice my time/$$ for a decision I didn't make.

I'm kind of sad over it too, only because I'm starting to really see things clearer after my disaster day. Maybe because I'm really seeing what and who is important to me in my life. Maybe I just over read the situation, or maybe I'm just tired. I'll use examples, without names nor locations to show my point.. 'Friend A' has been noted before in this blog. Nothing's changed, still inside their own little bubble. 'Friend B' is someone who I thought was a good friend. But what I'm seeing is that she has all kinds of guy friends. I'd say about 99% of them are guys who hope that by being her friend she'll date them. As such, they will do whatever she asks of them, pretty much no questions asked. Because of that, I can see how she uses that to her advantage and probably doesn't even realize it. I just won't bend to those levels because I have no motive other than just being a friend. On the opposite side of the spectrum is 'Friend C'. Friend C is someone who I've known for about 4 years now, spent some time with, worked with, etc. Obviously last week was a bad week, but this friend stepped up to a level I wouldn't have expected. I mean, I know we're close friends, I just didn't think that close when it was offered to me to use their other car until my Jeep was back. I was shocked, I mean out of all my friends, I never would have thought he'd do that. It made me feel special and grateful for those friends I do have. Sharing the spotlight with Friend C is Friend E. Yes, I know I skipped D. But Friend E is someone who I credit with being an awesome friend.

Call it whatever you want, but the friendships and things I have with people are definitely being altered as I quit sitting back and just letting people get away with whatever. There is a definite change in the air.

Here's a little funny to take the edge off a long winded irritated post!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I'm not a big fan of Astrology and all that it means. I don't mind those that do, but it's just my belief. Funny enough, MSN had a thing on their page about how the Chinese calendar based horoscopes can tell you about your relationship... Using PB's bday & mine, it decided to give me:

"This is a highly recommended match where friendship deepens into long-lasting love. Because you are the most romantic partner, and because you want and need both love and affection, you have to assertively whisper sweet nothings in your Dog's ear. Your mate is slow to anger, and you don't want to argue, so there are few disagreements in your union. Get advice if amassing money and decision-making aren't your strong suits as a couple."

Entertaining to say the least.

Monday, November 17, 2008

While individual events may suck I must say my life does not..

So we'll get back to the regularly scheduled format... this section will be long, so we'll start with it...

What have I learned.....
  • I've learned that if you leave the house, make sure you have lights on inside the house. Otherwise upstanding citizens take that as an invitation to make sure you don't have too much stuff.
  • A good woman will get you to do things outside your comfort zone because of a couple reasons including you care about her and because she makes it fun even if you feel stupid.
  • I've said this before, but that I have some of the best friends one could ask for.
  • Church can be fun if you go the right one.
That's a good start for now, it's been a long few days...

Yes, things were a little hosed up Thursday night. But only kind of. I blogged back Thursday about whether or not I'd be sending flowers Friday to PB based off how Thursday night went, as I had an idea of how I wanted things to go. Needless to say, Thursday night was not how I intended it to go based off events that occurred. But that didn't stop me from showing someone how much I appreciated them.. See below picture for a quick Blackberry shot of what was sent:

Yeah, she liked them. Yeah they got the point across. She stayed with me Friday night too, I was so excited to have her with me. We pretty much spent the whole weekend together. Saturday morning when we got up we went down stairs, cooking lunch together then going outside to work on her car and wash it too. Upon completing that I found out that my buddy was going to lend me a car of his until I got my Jeep fixed.. So we decided on dinner and meet him to get the car. After a great dinner (where I happened to run into my old boss), we went back to her apartment to watch some of the fights with her roommate. Then since her roommate wasn't going to the club we decided against it too, and hit up PJ Pockets in Federal Way. Live music, casino, bar, like 15 pool tables, it was great. We gambled and laughed, had a guy at the blackjack table buying us beers as once we showed up he started winning big money.. She got me to dance before leaving, we cuddled and went to bed. Sunday she got me to go to church even. I met her stepdad, we had breakfast, then I got her to play soccer with us.

Even paraphrasing our weekend, I can't completely lay out how I feel. It's just .... amazing. I look forward to her texts, I can't wait to see her, things are just ... great. Even church, not having expectations, I had a really good time. Despite the adversity I can't even begin to explain how freaking happy I am with my life.

Well this blog took literally all day long. It's 4:08pm as of this last note & I started this like 7 hours ago. I've been dealing with insurance and all that, I'll hit that later, but I'm impressed with the process. It's been painless & I'm glad to have chosen so well.

Side note: $5856.64 is the cost to fix my Jeep. 1/3 of it's net worth. Whooohooo! At least they're fixing it instead of totalling.