Friday, August 28, 2009

Let's recap...

Since I'm now going to try and blog more again, I can recap more of the things that have gone on that I haven't blogged about in a long time....

Let's start w/ the one that is on my mind the most.. PB. (oh how she looooves her nickname!)

Besides being smoking hot she puts up with my shit, what more can a guy ask for?! But in all honesty most of what I wanted to do while I was 30, I've been able to do with and because of her. When things hit the fan, she was the one that was there.

She bought me a snowboard, we laughed together as I learned how to use it. She's an amazing cook. She looks smoking hot in dresses that she no longer owns. She doesn't kill me when we find out she no longer owns those dresses. She shows patience as I decide I hate poker and am no good at it. She teaches me how to be a better soccer player, then gets to see the immediate rewards where she smiles with pride as her coaching works everytime the ball hits the back of the net. She laughs and talks about the monster she created as I figure out poker and start winning good money. She's the one that asks "Why not take the bike?".

We've gone camping, for a weekend or for a night. We hit Vegas and had a great time. We'll be hitting Portland, seeing new things and having another amazing time. We'll drink together, laugh together and share a lifetime together. We do pretty much everything together not because we depend on it and require it, but because we love it and want to. We don't lead one life, we lead two amazing lives that just so happen to compliment each other ever so perfectly. I thank God every chance I get that back on that great day after my birthday, I could receive such a great present.

In 8 amazing months, I've done more than I have in the years before it. This is how my 30's have started and I'm excited at what the future holds. Many more surprises and events, more smiles, hugs and kisses. More miles, more grins, more inside jokes, nicknames and entertainment.

3/4's of year one down and there's no looking back. This is the life I was meant for. With her, hand in hand, moving forward, never back. Laughing as the likes of DB and others fall to the wayside.

I love you, my PB.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I know, I know...

I don't write near enough here.. If only the summer hasn't been so busy. When I'm at work I'm *gasp!* usually working! Though now that life is settling down, sports seasons are coming to a close for the summer/fall leagues and we're having an open weekend here and there I should be able to find some time now!

So let me try and recap some things... Let's see.. We went to Vegas. The tip trick we read about online worked. For those that aren't fully in-the-know, let me educate you..
  • We booked a trip to Vegas, reserving a basic room @ the Bellagio.
  • When we checked in to the hotel, I put a $20 in between the credit card & my ID.
  • I asked if there were any upgrades available.
  • The lady upgraded us to a full lake view room, top floor. $20 extra dollars.
That little trick saved us about $250. The room was AMAZING, the view with the floor to ceiling window, just something I will never forget. No, we didn't get married, but we had a great time.

Oh something else happened in Vegas that I quite enjoy... I figured out how to play poker!
Since then I've been working on my game, online and in person. I won top-hand of the hour at a casino near by, netting me a few hundred. 4th at a charity tournament and I've been cashing in at 95% of all online tournaments I play now. Usually finishing in the top 15%. I say top 15% instead of like top 5, because these tournaments usually have anywhere from 2500-7200 people in them at once. So I usually make it from 150-350, always making my buy-in back and a little extra. Needless to say I can't complain and enjoy the competition.

Life is good though. PB & I are going to Portland this weekend for UFC. We will be there to celebrate our 8th official month together. Good times it is :)