Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The forbidden fruit...

Something I've learned about a lot of people that are "Open minded" ...... They're only open minded if you see their point of view. Failure to see their point, agree with them, or convert to their view and you're just wrong.

As we all know it's an election year. It really brings out people that are either strongly Democrat or strongly Republican. But it's weird this year. GWB has actually fucked up enough to turn Republican's to vote Democrat. But that's another topic for later. I'm just tired of seeing stupid ass email forwards and blogs about facts that can influence someone who isn't sure, when it's not even full of FACTS. I'm sorry, but if you're going to spew political crap out of your mouth, make sure it's accurate or shut the fuck up and go home. Seriously. Because if you start off with a bunch of shit that is either a- not true, b- outdated, or c- impossible then you will not like me after 2 minutes of talking. I will cut through your line like a chainsaw cuts through paper. But because you're so "open minded" you'll fail to see my point and you'll walk away thinking just how big of an asshole I am.

I'll help you fix that: deal with it (or well, even better, get your facts straight...).

Obama isn't a terrorist, he isn't a Muslim, and to top it off the Democrats may control congress but they didn't cause what's happening now in the housing market and banking crisis. Sure they're in office now, but the wheels for this moment were set in motion back about 4 years ago. When home prices went through the fucking roof and they were giving out home loans to anyone with a pen in their hand to sign the documents. Gas prices are expensive, but it wasn't until the last 6 months or so that we talked about more domestic drilling to help lower our need of foreign oil. Bet you won't see that on the email chain. Hey look, as the world responds to the global crisis the stock market is climbing fast, putting value back into retirement funds, pensions & the like. But it wouldn't be because the current Congress did anything, of course not. That would be almost admitting treason to those hard core "fact" spewers. (Yes I know I'm forgetting to mention the fact the president has veto power over anything at his desk & the democrats don't control enough to over ride one... but again, small mundane detail if you ask an "open minded" Republican.)

You'd think that with all that I'm saying that I'm a Democrat. While I believe in some of the same theories, I don't align with either of the major parties. I tend to go with things that make the most sense to me. I may not be a political science major, but myself and about 70% of America see the current system as not only broken, but completely fucked up. If you're one of those 30% that can't seem to get enough of the GWB reach-around, more power to you. I however, have a little more self respect than to just sit there and take it because of a loyalty to a party of people.

On that note, I'm going to end this rant before I just keep going and going and going. When it comes to stupid people I can rant for ages.

My one line summary of this novel:
Get your fucking facts straight or keep your "opinions" to yourself.. Thank you.

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