Monday, November 24, 2008

God gets high? Sweet!

haha I know people will read that and think "WTF?! That's not even funny!" ... But it is! Since really spending quality time with PB she's got me going to church with her. I should clarify that... I was willing to go, she asked and I go. I'm interested. I'm open minded and willing to learn new things, grow as a person, figuratively & spiritually. I joke about getting that first class ticket to hell, but do I really want to go there? Of course not. But I digress.

One thing I really like about going is the Pastor that runs the show. He's animated, funny, and tries hard to keep people entertained and excited about being there. He definitely hangs out around teens and things, picking up lingo to use and keep everyone interested. Like referring to the 20 cats, "not the meow cats though!", thus for you less informed: 20 people. He then preceded to tell us about the Golden Bowl where all our prayers end up as incense in front of God. "That's right! God gets high off your prayers!" and he did the whole little stoner inhale act and we just about died laughing. I mean really? God gets high? Sweet. No wonder he's a superstar! Ahhhh if I'd only realized earlier how much fun church can be..

This week is Thanksgiving. A great holiday week usually with great food & company. This year I don't expect anything less. Just going to be a tad bit ... nervous off the bat. I will be spending Thanksgiving this year with PB & her family. I don't get nervous for things normally, but this time it's different. I care about her & I don't want to have her family hating me or anything.. Not that I think that's the case, but it's the holiday's, etc, so I will be a little nervous. I wish I'd have my Jeep by then, I could use that little bit of comfort. I know that sounds weird but it's like, the one zone I feel absolutely at home in regardless of how nervous I feel. But on the bright side, I'll have her there and that will easily calm me down. I'm sure Friday I'll post a recap of how things end up.

On that note, just a quick blog this fast moving Monday.


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~E said...

You're right. I saw that title and thought HUH? But I'm glad you are enjoying church. And I will send you mental jeep thoughts to comfort you this Thanksgiving.

Good luck! But you don't need it...they will love you!!!