Monday, December 15, 2008

How cold is cold really?

Is it the teens? Or single digits? Or anything less than 60? Either way it's chilly out.

Last night was the prime example of why living in the middle of no where rocks and why I sometimes miss it. Out in the sticks you don't have people out on the roads in their Mustangs and other sports cars sliding all over icy roads playing Vehicular Pinball. As entertaining as it is to watch on YouTube or the local news stations, it's not near as entertaining when they're sliding all around you.

The only thing I regret about the weekend was not making a snowman on Saturday night when the snow was super wet. That way when this nasty ball-freezing cold came in the snowman would be frozen in place for a decent period in time.

An interesting discussion throughout the day at work. Pirating software and hardware hacking. Because we have all are hypocrites in our own sense. Smoking crack to me is wrong and illegal and I agree with punishments for it. Speeding is breaking the law even if it's just 1mph. But I seem to have no problems doing it. Am I a hypocrite for it? Yep! It's where our morals step in on what's right and wrong and to what limit do you take it. Laws are the same way though, yes, speeding is illegal, but notice the tiered pricing for when you get caught doing it. The higher your speed, the higher the ticket.

Same thing goes for software piracy. If I download a copy of Photoshop use it for recreational use, messing with photo's and just having fun, I'm pretty sure that the Fed's have bigger fish to fry. Like the guy who's taking a copy of Photoshop and making copies and selling them for $100 a copy. Given Photoshop's $600-900 price tag, you can see why the government makes a distinction for intent.

Some people just don't get it however. They insist that copying games and sharing them is a "right" because it's the game maker's job to stop it. Take the Wii to cite real world examples. You can hack your Wii to play downloaded copyrighted games. Is it right? To me, no. Is it legal? The hack, yes; playing downloaded games, no. But to a coworker, his conscience and belief tells him that it's Nintendo's problem for creating a system that is open to hacking. That him downloading games and playing them is a right that he has because of that failure.

I will forever disagree with that argument, but it's not up to me to police. He however, won't get a sympathising ear when he gets busted for it. He will, though, get laughed at. For many days.

I recognize no one is perfect but sooner or later things will catch up to you. The question is, when it does, are you prepared to pay the consequence of doing said action. If I speed, I know sooner or later I'll get a ticket. There's a reason I don't fly down the road at 90+ all the time. It's because I don't want the ticket of that. A ticket going 5-10mph over I'm prepared to accept, even if it sucks.

Oh well! On that note I'm going to finish my work, go home and relax. I need to get a plan together for the busy 2 weeks that are coming. Fun times!

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~E said...

I do believe that when you step outside and your nips get so hard you can cut steel with them, then yes Dear Sir, it is f*king cold out.