Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What it must be like...

.. Ever see things on TV or read it on the news & wonder how people can stand it? For example, countries that don't provide basic care for their citizens. While the U.S. doesn't provide health care, we do have social service programs, laws, freedoms, & the right to do just about anything we want.

Countries like China restrict it all. This blog, for another example... I can say I hate Bush, I can say I love my job, I can say I hate people, I can say whatever the FUCK I want (see what I did there?) however the fuck I want & whenever the fuck I want. I can profess my love of intelligent people or PB, I can disclose that if you're a prick I'll put you in your place, and I can talk about whatever or whoever pisses me off at that very moment.

Love me or hate me, I don't really care. My friends know pretty much everything in this blog. Dimes for example reads all my posts. Agree or disagree she respects my opinion and we have a great friendship because of it.

Imagine now, that one of my readers worked for a communist government or every time I posted it had to go through a government censor program. Not so much fun now is it?! I'm sure the recipe blog would pass through ok. I'm not so sure that this blog would. Ha, who am I kidding? This blog & 99% of its postings would be against the law.. They'd either be deleted or my ass would be put in jail.

For all this, I'm glad for my freedoms, I'm glad I have my rights. I'm glad I live in this country. The benefit of this blog is it's my world. I can spout whatever. Don't like it, leave. Like it, visit regularly. Hell, even leave comments, I believe in free speech though I can & will moderate posts as needed. I am a human & a person & I expect to be treated as such. Failure to do so will lead to unwanted consequences.

As I said, thank God for America. Everyone have a great day and don't take for granted what we get for being here!

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