Monday, March 23, 2009

I lived, I lived!

HAHAHAHA! She couldn't kill me (the mountain, nor PB) hehe! I actually had a great time snowboarding Saturday. I made it down the mountain a few times, like 5 actually and felt it was a great learning experience. I'm excited to learn more, go again and then do some more runs probably following the great PB (or maybe I should change that to "Crash"?) down the mountain. It won't be long..

Then a small little gathering at the house that night. It was good times. Some pool, beer, jello shots, a fire in the back yard, it was good. Everyone had fun, plenty to do for everyone, a very successful night.

Yesterday was just as great. Breakfast with a couple friends that stayed Saturday night, then some Xbox 360 (I'm up 2-1 thus far!) and dinner at Jimmy John's. We played more 360, watched some TV, movies and a few episodes of the Office. It was just a great weekend.

Ahhhh now back to work... SHIT. haha

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