Monday, March 16, 2009

Where has the time gone?

It seems as though I never update this thing lately. It's not as though I have no time to do so, as my work day is basically the same as it always is. I guess there's just not much for me to rant or rave about that I care for people to know. Some parts of my life are always going to be private.

Hmmmm let's see..

  • As a nerd I fixed my own XBox 360. That was fun. There wasn't anything to exciting there, but the result made me proud to play, as it runs like a champ.
  • My knee from snowboarding is almost 100% I'd think. It still hurts from time to time, but it's taken a beating and kept on going so far. I think PB's trying to murder me though, with talks of going back up to the mountain this weekend. Look for a blog update next week on if I survived, otherwise look for my funeral/party invitation.
  • Football season ended and while we didn't win a ton, we definitely had a great time.
  • Soccer is never ending and while in one league we suck, in the other we're 7-1 and on the way to the championship game!
  • Softball is starting soon, which will be different nights than soccer. I'm looking forward to that, it's been a while.
  • My sister got married. PB got to see the family too. That was fun. Especially watching her get my mom & step mom confused!
That's a good update. I think I'm going to start post-dating blogs. Write them in advance and let them post on that date. At times that'd be easier. Just an idea I'm floating around. Or maybe I'll move this blog over to my new web server that's still being setup. Oh yeah, the longest frickin' process I've ever gone through. Thankfully it's not my new provider's fault, it's the one I'm leaving. They apparently don't like you leaving, so they make the process very difficult and convoluted. Bastards.

Anyhow, I'll update more here tomorrow or Wednesday. Time to do a quick upgrade so I can get the hell out of here and go home!

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