Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Life's changes..

Life at 30 seems to be quite different for me. There's been all kinds of new events.. A birthday party in Vegas with 15 friends. A car accident. My house broken into. An amazing girlfriend. Learning to snowboard. Things just keep popping up!

So I think PB is pregnant. Why do I think this? The morning sickness usually point to a culprit.. Especially when she hasn't been sick and then feels fine towards the end of the day. Looks like some things will have to change a little. Snowboarding? Not for a while. Motorcycle? Yeah, because dying and leaving her to be a single mom is high on my list.

Work is great, life is going to be interesting but great. I may not be quite ready to be a dad, but who is? I know people who've planned baby's and they are still surprised and taken off guard by everything that happens.

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