Thursday, January 15, 2009

Steps... take one, then another..

Given the theme of blogs past, there are a number of things I'd love to do before I die. I'd love to open a small diner. I hope to have kids. I desire to not only work for myself, but to be financially set by doing so. With that, I hope to bring friends along for the ride. Because if I'm doing something that makes me a lot of money, why not let them make lots of money too?!

On that note, I've had a lot of really deep thoughts and plans in regards to my future. So much so I believe I have a model that will change the way companies use and acquire technology going forward. Kind of like the "Best Buy" of IT. I've floated different aspects of different pieces through my head for a while. Last night on the way home, about 3 pieces floated by each other and clicked.... Thus my new goal of making a million in less than 5 years.

Wow, I was just pointed (by coworkers) to a news article talking about a 22yr old girl who is auctioning off her virginity to pay for college. Highest bid thus far? $3.7 million. I don't know what school she plans on going to, but I think that pretty much covers it. But hey, why stop there, she's starting off as a prostitute, might as well keep the process going. Because once you're the woman known for selling her virginity, I'm pretty sure no good guy is really going to want to keep you. Not to mention that thanks to the internet, her picture will forever be associated w/ that news fact. I'm sure her kids will be proud to know what their mother did.

Oh and I've mentioned the online recipe Blog before, Favorite Eats.. I haven't written anything there in a few, but my co-author has. PB will get access before long, just need to get her the right ID to login, and then she can add whatever recipe's she wants for the world to see as well. It's gaining popularity too, with 5 people currently watching it for new posts.

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