Thursday, August 26, 2010

Free beer!

All things considered, yesterday was an amazing success. Work sucked in terms of the fact I had to work late to get a demo system up and running before this morning. But it was after work that made the day an overall plus.

We'll start with Mad Pizza... The Starfire complex has a pizza joint that sells great beer and is open (or supposed to be open) until 10 PM on Fridays. The last few Fridays they have been closed before 9, frustrating our team as we always go up and get pitchers and chit chat, as that's our one night together as friends.. Drinking and unwinding is what we do.

So checking on league info I saw a link to the company website. Looking there, they put up a "Fill out our survey and let your thoughts known!" type link, so I figured, why the hell not! After airing out frustrations felt by many on our team, I let it go..... until I got a call from the manager thanking me for my comments. Apparently they didn't know the weekend manager was closing early until I made it known. They now have a new manager for nights (whoops, guess there if you don't do your job you get fired...) and we get a pitcher for free.....

Fast forward a few minutes after that call, I'm about to start my truck, and I watch a teen girl pull up near me and get out looking guilty that she's not supposed to be there. So naturally, I watch to see why, not sure if she was in trouble, or what.. She goes to her trunk, grabs something, then nervously goes to the bushes nearby, bends down, puts something there, then runs back to her car and leaves quickly. The way it went down was very shady and the way she looked you'd have thought she just buried a body there. She couldn't have been older than 17, so I figured it was drugs.

So naturally I had to go look.. I can't just sit there and go home, wondering what it was she was hiding.. What is it that I find? Two big bottles of Corona beer! And we all know what's worse than stealing and that's drunk teenagers, so naturally I took both bottles, put them in my truck and then headed home. Given the look of this girl and the way she was acting, I could tell this was not a normal activity, so not only did I ruin their buzz, I'm sure they're still feeling guilty and nervous that they're about to get caught at any minute, as obviously someone had to have watched her put the beer there because there was no way anyone would just stumble upon them.

Those two events definitely made it a great drive home after such a looooong day. While I'm not a huge fan of Corona, it always tastes better when it's free!

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