Monday, December 29, 2008

13 days.. Wow..

So let me recap the last 13 days in as few words as possible.......

Work, snow, Leavenworth, COLD, girlfriend, snow, gusty winds, more snow, Seahawks, sardine train, more snow, snow taxi, snow, more snow, church, snow, Christmas, rain, no more snow, rain, soccer, soccer, soccer, then more rain.

Phew, that was a long one... haha that's what she said..

So after giving up on trying to hurry on a fix for PB's initial present, I just went and got a new one. So she got that yesterday. She told me what I'm getting & can't wait to get it setup so we can go. It's a snowboard, not sure what it looks like, but I'm pretty sure it looks tight, I trust her judgment.

Ahhh the snow is gone. Thankfully there's very little trace of the record snowfall we'd received over the last 2 weeks. That's where the snow taxi part came in. Not that I mind driving in any way, I mean I did put almost 25,000 miles on the Jeep the first year I had it. It was fun because there weren't a whole lot of cars on the road. I had to pickup Birth Control (BC) in Queen Ann, then S² in Northgate before the commute to Bellevue. At less than 30mph most of the way, it did take a little while to get them all there. After I got back to my office, I realized that late is better than staying home, especially when everyone and their mom was staying home that day. Stores were closing early (or not opening), people were freaked about the snow.. it was great.

The snow is why the Seahawk's game was so interesting. I say interesting because the ride to & from made it so. The game itself was a football game, there's nothing all that interesting that happens at a football game. Sound Transit's lack of planning (I know, biiiiig surprise) lead to a long delay on not only getting to the game, but back from the game. They are lucky there wasn't any big medical emergency or stampede of stupid drunks. People were ready to use the emergency exits to get out of there it was bad enough at one point. We just sat for about an hour. Turns out there was a small medical issue, with a person who had a diabetic attack. But they didn't disclose that to us, so we just sat there. Or well, stood there for what felt like at least an hour. Overall though it was a fun day..

Leavenworth & Christmas are both seperate blog topics for either later today or later this week.

This last weekend I did finally get to put my new camera to use in taking hundreds of soccer pictures. PB played in 2 with women's teams and then we played in a co-ed one. Fun times, 1st in Friday & Saturday's tournament, then 3rd yesterday. Not a bad weekend of soccer. Now I'm ready for the winter seasons to start up for soccer & football. Gonna be a busy start to '09.

Well I hope all you people had a Merry Christmas & got everything you wanted for Christmas!


Anonymous said...

BC?? I hate it.

~E said...

You know, you're getting really really creative with the nicknames there buddy. I'd hate to hear what mine is. Actually, go ahead and tell me what mine is but wait till you can do it in person...that way I can administer any nad kicking ASAP should I find your term offensive ;)