Monday, January 5, 2009

The new year...

New Year's eve was pretty uneventful. It was nice having friends join us to bring it in with fun & alcohol. All I gotta say is nummy crackers! Ok, maybe not so much. I need to make sure to keep an eye on dates. If the "best before" date says 01Feb06, that means they are probably not the best.

One sad, sad, sad thing with the new year came with the death of my beer fridge. I bought a new huge cooler to use instead, but still, it was a sad event. Time to browse for a new free beer fridge. Though I'm not sure how I'd get it to the house yet, since the back of the jeep isn't all that feasible during the winter months. Once the top comes off however, I think I can fit one back there.

I got my Christmas present from PB over the weekend. A very nice looking snowboard that has some nerd-ism in it that I hadn't realized until looking at my cell phone picture. I know she didn't notice it, and I'm surprised I didn't notice it when I was looking at it when I got it. I'll show that in a later pic that I take with a real camera, not my crappy cell phone camera. Her getting me a kickass present is A+ to begin with. Nerd built into it is another bonus point.

Here it is another Monday, everyone's back, life goes back to normal. Or at least until it snows again. Sports during the next 2-3 months are going to be pretty intense. Friday night indoor soccer, Saturday afternoon we have flag football then Sunday night we have indoor soccer again. However, some sports will have to suffer as we miss a day here and there to go off snowboarding! Because that's happening for sure. I need to go find some bindings & boots however.

I'll probably write more later as I do more recap. Tonight I'm hoping to get all our pics of Leavenworth / Soccer / New Years up on myspace/facebook. We'll see. Gotta get the muffler of the Honda fixed first and foremost.

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