Monday, December 1, 2008

The weekend in review...

Let's see if I can get this done before I go home.. It's 3:45 right now, so that gives me about an hour and a half..

Thursday was fun, the last blog summarized a small amount of it.. That's good enough.. So let's forward to Friday....
I did zero "Black Friday" Christmas shopping, though I did my part to help the economy by spending about $80 that day. I went to RMC, a local motorcycle shop to try and see what deals were out there on helmets as I needed one for PB. Found a real cool one as pictured below.. I even got the size right & she seems to be quite happy with the color scheme & fit!

I also faxed in my documents to the insurance company for the items in the house.. 24 page fax.. a definite record for me. As a followup to that, I called today to get status (I'd really like something that would play DVD's without skipping and all..) and am waiting on a call back from the adjuster.

Friday night we went and saw 'Four Christmases'.. I'd say a C+ / B-. The plot was kind of predictable and the route they took to get to the end really didn't follow the "lessons" of earlier in the movie. But it did have some funny moments, including the very beginning.

Saturday we took the R-1 over to Vashon Island for a Christmas tree cutting event. PB's older brother (or well, one of them) does an annual Christmas tree trip and invites friends and family every year. Go to a nice breakfast, take the ferry over, cut a tree, drink hot cider, eat good food, then head home.

So seeing the weather was good, we decided on the bike as our mode of transportation. It was great. She enjoyed the ride despite some soreness, it was just overall a great quality time day.. I can't wait for the nicer weather to get out on the bike and really enjoy it.

That night we went and looked at a car for her, stopped by her brother's house, then hit up the Ale House in downtown Bothell for some great food. That night we just relaxed at home, as it was a busy, busy day.

Sunday was extremely busy as well. Church, then breakfast, stopped by her mom's, then helped Alaska put in a lock and move a dresser, then headed back to my house. Did some work on her car for her, watched a movie and relaxed.

That's the quick and dirty to a fun weekend. I posted some pics of it to my myspace & facebook to show people my new shaved look & some of the weekend.

That's a good enough for today. Maybe tomorrow I'll touch on my Jeep, PB's job opportunity results, and the rest of the week....


~E said...


That's almost the exact same one I have and Har bought it for me for almost $250 (minus his military discount).


..:: C ::.. said...

Actuaaaally, the helmet cost $74. I spent $6 on lunch =)

But I know, I was quite surprised and impressed. For brand new that's a steal of a deal.