Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Mother fucker! Two times my mouth just bypasses all filters in speech or typing... 1) when I'm exhausted. PB can attest to this after last night, given Sunday night's circus -or- 2) when I get fired up because of people that I just truly don't understand.

Obama the antichrist? Really? FUCKING really!? He's been our president not even 24 hours. People lay off right after the election as if it didn't happen. Now that it's a reality and in their face, it's time to start that topic again. Facebook/myspace messages of "Here comes hell!", "Down the gutter goes our country", etc, etc.

Asking an acquaintance why her views extend the way they do in terms of that, she mentions "signs" and how she doesn't want to be the religious preacher when it comes to talking about how if she's right, life is going to suck because of his Antichrist status..

Now let me get this out of the way first and foremost as I didn't want to do a political blog, nor a religious one. I voted for GWB in 2000. In 2004, I voted for him again as really, there was no better choice and really, he couldn't do worse than he had done (wrong there for sure). I was a supporter in 2000, indifferent in 2004, and a hater in 2008. MANY people other than me believed the same. Hint why Obama was elected.

He wasn't elected because of his race, it was because he was the best speaker offering change that could sell it. He's the type of sales man that shows leadership, picks the right people, smart people, that will bring about change. He doesn't have a dad and strings inside politics, people are/were tired of that, which is why GWB is leaving with the lowest ranking of any president... EVER. 43rd president, meaning in ranking he was 43/43. I know that like in sports, unless you're first it doesn't really matter. To be dead last however, says a TON. But I digress. Big time.

As for this particular person, she mentions signs she sees. So I ask, probably the dumbest and most obvious question any one person would ask... "Like what signs? I don't see him asking to be worshipped in place of God" Not to mention I mean he goes to church. That church doesn't have a pentagram and sacrifice small animals or virgins. He's not asking for people to worship him, so I am waiting for a smoking gun or some kind of something that gives people this belief. Because really, to believe such a HUGE thing, one would think it requires something, ANYTHING, that points to this. Her answer? "I can't really explain it to you, one would need to have a very big, very deep relationship with God to understand..." Wait, wha.... ? So because apparently God and I aren't dating, I wouldn't understand nor be able to research these "signs" that someone sees (and apparently can't explain to a peon like me).

This is where she then goes off on how she hates how people claim religion while doing the opposite. I listen (or well, read) this argument while throwing morsels at her to keep her on her rampage just so I can laugh and get fired up while I throw more at her to see how deep this goes in her belief system. She goes off about how people judge and shouldn't and how she tries to live by God's word. .... wait, didn't she just judge me and what I believe earlier? Does she know what I know nor have any idea of my religious views? Hmmm, I must remember to use dictionary.com to check the official definition of judge or judging. Because I think I'm confused.

What signs are these people seeing? Obama wasn't elected because he was black, he wasn't elected because he goes to church, he was elected because he advertised the change that people are desperately seeking. Yes, he may not have as much experience as McCain did, but at this point in time, people didn't want the experience. They wanted to shake things up. Bush came from a family of politicians full of experience. Here we are.

He's not been president 24 hours, yet people are already foaming at the mouth just waiting for the failure or hell on earth. Sadly, in 4 years, it still won't be here. If he does just a fraction of what he was aiming for, this country will finally start doing things we should have been doing years ago... Will that be a failure? Nope. Even funnier will be the new supporters. Those same people that claimed he was the Antichrist or that he's the beginning of the end of the world will suddenly be a fan, trying to cover up their original feelings "I was just saying the whole time I hoped I was wrong... since I am, yay! Go Obama!" At which those that tried to get you to open your mind a little, to give it a chance (do you have any other choice, he is the elected president now), we'll be the ones looking at you, seeing that your closed minded beliefs are why people look at you the way we do.

Do I think Obama is the save all? NOPE. Do I think he'll do everything he promised on his way to the White House? NOPE. Do I think he's the reason the world will collapse? NOPE. Do I think people need to relax and let time take it's path? YEP. Nothing will happen over night, nor would we want it to. I just want people to keep an open mind as things go on. I'll be the first one to say I was wrong if shit hits the fan. I'm not naive enough to think that there's not a chance of that. I know there's a chance of that. There's also a chance I could hit the lotto. There's a chance that anything can happen. But if I sat around and just talked about it's only a matter of time and everything coming out of my mouth was gloom and doom, how good would my life be? Really? I'd lose my friends, my career would stall out, and I'd be single. I'd have to get a cat who'd claw the shit out of me for being a loser and then want to hang myself from my stairs.

I understand people are pessimistic. But with things already shitty, how about looking towards a little positive, as we're at the start of a little change. Not all change is negative.

As obvious, this was a rant on people. I'm open minded to understand other's views. When they can explain them. When they have valid points. If you don't have the points, that's ok, naive people can have an opinion too. Just keep them to yourself.

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