Friday, April 17, 2009

I need to blog more!

Or so I've been told.. So here ya f*in' go! Actually I have plenty to vent about. Like how I hope computer virus writers need to get the most painful, most dripping STD humanly possible. Yeah, I'll start off with that rant, right off the bat......

I've been a PC user since I was 16. I went through the phase of hacking and doing malicious things. But never bad enough to cause serious problems. Sure I downloaded a few games and things of that nature. But I never wrote any code that would harm people's computers. Let alone on the global scale that people are doing now. So the news since right before April 1, was about this new virus. Everyone was scared about what could happen. Then, when the first came and went and there was nothing, everyone kind of chuckled. Until this week. Suddenly our servers starting exhibiting signs of a problem. Deeper analysis pointed to a virus. Then it started spreading. It got an admin login on one server and then *BOOM* away it went. Servers all around the world started getting it. We have 300+ servers & probably close to 2000+ workstations. Suddenly people are working around the clock & every day we have a new way of fighting it. Thus almost every day it was morphing in a way that the previous day's efforts were being erased and invalidated. We're just now getting ahead.

So for the past week, despite working my ass off all day, all I've done is clean fucking virus problems. Not one "issue" other than cleaning. GRRRRRR.

But on a brighter note, PB & I went to opening day @ Safeco. Man that was a great time. I'll be posting pics of the game shortly, I'm still redesigning my home web site. Once that's done I'll post up the link. (That's also why the logo from above is missing too ^^) It was great to see Griffey @ home. It was definitely a touching moment seeing him introduced. Chills and memories flooded in. Good times, good times.

Let's see... I fixed the bike, putting 1.5" spacers on the rear pegs so PB's legs are at a better angle when she rides. So far so good, she sat on it last night and it worked well. Today I'm browsing around looking at communications systems. The weather's about to turn and it's going to be time to RIDE!

OH and a quick shout out to Dimes for her nice little how-to video on makeup. Because you never know, someday I may need to know how to do it. You know, right after I start wearing PB's pants....

Speaking of pants... I don't know how many read this blog, but go to Joe's Sporting Goods before they close! I've spent almost $250 there in 2 trips, everything is 10-30% off as they liquidate the store. I'll keep checking back too as they're going to keep changing the pricing as they get closer to the end..


~E said...



If you're talking about that stupid virus that was supposed to happen on April 1st then I feel for you.

I spent the whole night before going thru all the damn computers in my house and backing them up and putting up firewalls and such...Stupid hackers.

~E said...

oh and p.s. you never have to put on your own makeup. if Im around, Ill be happy to do it for you and make you all pwetty.