Wednesday, June 17, 2009

So it hasn't rained...

Yet apparently that's big news? Hmmmm... I suppose it could be if we were in some major drought. But this is Seattle. It's been nice instead. So what are people whining about? The fact that if they don't water their lawn it's going to be yellow already? (Mine's close.... hahaha) I know the allergy sufferers hate it and I have my days. But medication does wonders. I say keep the sun! If you don't like it, move to Miami (where out of the 29 days it hasn't rained here in Seattle, it's rained 25 days down there).

Oooooh how I haven't blogged in a while. I don't know why. I've got so many side projects, events, and life to live, it's hard to sit down and just type for a little while. I suppose I should work on that. I have been debating about a photo blog? I have started to figure out more about the nice SLR that I have and thus, have taken some interesting pictures. Just this morning I took a picture of a yellow bird in the yard, then on the way into the house decided on an "artsy" photo of a soccerball sitting there. Maybe that's what I'll do. Recruit PB and myself to take fun photos of random things and people. Post it on the internet, see what happens, how it goes, etc.

The only drawback to that? All those copiers out here in the interwebs. I'll have to watermark images and crap. Blah. Or well, I suppose I could just let it go and then sue whenever I see my photos in books or somewhere like that should any be good enough...... ha.

Recent events.........
PB moved in. Master's degree - Housewarming Party. Vegas in July. Parental visits. House reorganization. Ticket while camping. Fishing.

Much living going on in the year of 30. While I may not be a YES man, I am willing to do plenty of new, fun and exciting things.

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