Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Regular updates ... riiiiiiiight.

Wow, I have failed miserably at keeping this thing up to date! Even as things change. However, on a recent drive PB reminded me that I should update it more as it's a good history of things that are going on in life. As I age, as things come and go, then it's only natural that this should provide a reminder of what happened and when.

So to recap thus far... Sept 21ish is when my Jeep was stolen. Yep, taken right out of my driveway. Hmmm maybe I need to rename my blog now, eh? I'm not really Crawling anywhere! Oh well, it's only a temporary time w/ no Jeep as I'm looking at a time when I can grab a new one. Ok, well, not a "new" new one, just new to me. Preferably an older one, one I can build and mod and enjoy in ways I hadn't been able to enjoy my other one. In it's place, I got a new 2009 Dodge Ram 1500. The V8 has power I haven't had except on my motorcycle, which I still have.

The house is good. We just got a Christmas tree last weekend on the caravan. However it's still not up nor decorated. Given how busy we are, I see it being a few step process. First, put it up and put a skirt around it. Then I see it getting lights and anything else. But like I said, I'd bet a slow process.

Poker is still going ok. I need to play some more big money games, as I think it could be profitable, however, I have a hard time playing for the big money as I don't like giving that money away. But we'll see what happens AFTER Christmas.

Christmas is coming up and should be a fun day at PB's mom's house! We'll see if she's surprised at her present. Needless to say, I think she will be.. I'm looking forward to the short weeks later in the month. 2-3 day work weeks will ROCK!

Let's see... anything else happen... we went snowboarding to Mount Baker on the Friday after Thanksgiving, Nov 27th. They had an 80" base already. Luckily for us it was icy. BLAH! Overall it was a fun trip but man, that ice can sure hurt the tailbone! We're looking forward to the next trip, maybe this month, maybe early January.

hmmm that's good enough of an update for today. Maybe I'll write more later!

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