Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Holy Crap!!

It's been since DECEMBER?! WTF. Man, I fail. So how do I give the Cliff Notes version of 4 moths worth of crazy events.. hmmm let me see if I can break it down the best way I know how....

  • December: The rest of December was great. Spent our year anniversary up in Leavenworth at a lodge that was far enough up in the mountains they required you to take a snow cat up to it. We met some really awesome people, had some amazing food. If any of my faithful ever want to see what's up there, feel free to check out their site. They are awesome hosts! Mountain Home Lodge .. OH and we did get engaged while up there. ;) December 19th was the date on that. With December 20th being our one year anniversary. I got Erin Sounder's season tickets for Christmas which she loved and I got a paintball gun which was awesome..
  • January: Low key New Year's party, instead choosing to go snowboarding to Steven's after instead. It was a great time up in the mountain. January kind of flew by as we decided it was time to move to save some money. We loved that house in Des Moines, but realized it was sucking the $$ right out and we weren't even buying it. After talking to the landlady we determined that it was time to move. Turns out she'd broken up with her GF and wouldn't be renewing our lease at the end of the term anyway! So we would be able to get out of the lease penalty free. So the apartment/house/condo/townhouse search started.... and ended in:
  • February: We found our apartment up in Issaquah. It is a beautiful 2 bed 2 bath with attached garage. We spent our Valentine's day painting some walls to make it feel like home. We also then moved, the weekend after. We couldn't have asked for a better weekend, it was a 60 degree weekend, sun and bright. Packing, moving, cleaning and things took up the entire month for the most part. Which lead to me getting sick near the end of the month. To the point where I actually visited the Dr. Got some meds and finally started feeling better in early:
  • March: It was a boring March. Kinda. We got situated and delivered the couch we had in the house to my mom in Yakima on her 50th birthday. We bought a sectional couch for the apartment which rocks. The couch is so comfy it's a nice change. Overall though it was a very quiet month, all things considered. We did get our Sounder's tickets! The first game was awesome to go to. It's definitely something we look forward to. My sister came and stayed a night with us, that was a fun time.
  • April: So far, mid month, we've gone snowboarding, played soccer and just enjoyed life. Did Easter, met with the priest who got us in touch with a Deacon for the annulment process & to find out more with baptism. So far it's been a painless experience, other than a ton of paperwork I have to chase down and fill out. Life is good thus far. We're leaving next week for Vegas & Phoenix, so that should be a great time. OH and we both seem to be hitting the poker jackpot. Though PB is definitely hitting it bigger online than I am. So I'm proud of her for that.
So that's life in a nutshell. I'll need to come back and go off on thoughts as time goes on. But so far, that's a good recap. Maybe I'll set a calendar appointment to remind myself to update this thing. Couldn't hurt!

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PB said...

Hey, I'm on her now! Update your blog already, love! We're getting too old to remember all the great moments... it needs to be recorded somewhere. Love You.