Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Everyday is a new day...

.. and you should learn something from every previous day. Even a minor lesson. Like me, I learned that a broken water main can flood a neighborhood quickly. (Not mine, but sucks to be them!) I learned that when I focus, I can completely de-clutter and clean my house in 3 hours. I learned that some "friends" should probably step outside of their own little world and realize it doesn't revolve around just them. Looking back, those are the highlights of things. I'll try and start each 'daily' blog with something I've learned. Even if it's just a minor detail. If I learned it, you will too!

This is my step into 30. I'm going to try and go not more than 3 days between blogs, for at least the year. Start of my new decade with history, stories, and fun. When I was 20, things were not as cool as they are now. Now, life is change. BFF#1 is moving to Texas, thus a going away party tonight. I'm not sad, I'm excited for her. I'm hoping she flies in the new atmosphere away from everything. I was still in school at 20. Now I'm 8 years into a career, at a job where I could spend the rest of my life. 10 years, countless stories, tears, laughter, pain and pleasure. It's had it all. I don't know that I'll recap the previous 10 over the next year, but I'll reference some things. I know some entries (like this one) will end up kind of long, I tend to have ADD and my mind jumps all over the place, so I just type it out as it comes. I'll try to keep some focus when typing though.

Items I got for my birthday: a better understanding of friends, the Cannabis Cookbook (entertaining read), a couple cards, and a touching email. (Thanks again :) )

Go figure also, no fog this morning. Ride on your birthday, it'll be nice... Should have ridden today too. haha oh well. This Jeep pic sums it up pretty damn good though:::

I hope you have a wonderful day today, after all, it's hump day! Almost Friday, so I'm sure you're working on your weekend plans. Hopefully it's something relaxing, it's supposed to be crappy in the NW (if you're up here).

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