Thursday, October 30, 2008

Things always have a way of working out...

I swear to God, the rule continues! Tonight was C's going away party. Met her new b/f at the same time, why she's moving to begin with. Great guy! Played pool, chatted a bit, I'm glad she found him. He and I then learned we'd be the only two guys at this party and there'd be like 5 other women. Yeah, I know, my life is soooo fucking rough. Not knowing any of them, what they looked like, etc, I wasn't actually looking towards trying to hook up with any, I just thought it'd be a fun night, some shit talking, etc.

It started like that too. There was one that was trying to be all flirty, I think it was the typical blonde thing. I can't judge, but there was a vibe there. But not that kind of vibe, but rather something told me there could be some serious drama potential. There was another one, looked somewhat familiar. Can't place it, but she was cute. Didn't drink with the rest of us, due to a concussion from an earlier drinking and walking accident.. haha sounds like me & Vegas! So we'll see, who knows what happens in the future right?

Oh and the rule that I talk about? That I always meet one person one way, for example back in the day how I met C, and then someone they know is someone I start chasing. So who knows, we'll see how all this pans out, but everything happens for a reason.

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