Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My next 30 years ...

Yeah, I know it's a Tim McGraw song... but it fits. My first 30 years were a bunch of learning experiences. Not to mention I used up 18 years being a dependent. While those were great years, that means I've only really experienced the last 12. Then, living at home while going to college until I was a little over 21, thus leaving about 9. Take into account hard lessons to learn that took up about 6 years, I've really only lived 3 years.


So then I guess the question is ... what have I done with my last 3 years.. Well let's see. Work sent me all over the U.S. I stayed in hotels and cities I'll never probably go to nor would have gone to otherwise. I spent some time enjoying Atlanta. 2 trips to Vegas in 6 months. Really that aspect has been nice. I got the vehicle of my dreams, the bike of my dreams. I have a pretty slick house, I got a pool table, I have nice furniture, cool electronics. Yay for 'things'. But one thing is for sure... my next 30 years will have someone legit and real in it. This I know.

Other things I'd like to see in the next 30? I'd say a real wedding. More good friends, laughing moments, inside jokes, fun and then more fun. Kids? Maybe. Seeing more of the U.S.? Definitely. I'm sure there will be drunkin parties, bbq's, and a lot more events that we can't even invision yet.

And I look forward to each and every one of them. Because I must admit, friends make the world go 'round and well.... I have the best batch around. As we all cross into "middle age" I wish great health all the way around.

I think it's bed time. It's only 2:30 am after all. I'll leave you with an image I took with my blackberry. It shows why I love Seattle so much. I mean, where else do you always get views like this?

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~E said...

Do I make your world go 'round baby? Well, do I?!?!

...damnit, that really sounded better when I said it in my head complete with Austin Powers accent and head jiggle.

Anyhoodle, Happy 29.1th Birthday Mr. Anderson [I presume]