Thursday, November 20, 2008

Whatever happened to "If the store/company doesn't offer what you want, you go elsewhere?"

Today's a busy blog day apparently..

But in a recent ruling eHarmony was found to be guilty of discrimination because it matches only heterosexual couples..

Now I'm not bashing homosexuals. I am however bashing the precedent that this sets. This means that the government or people can attack the business model and ideas you have.

Based off what happened to eHarmony, in theory, I could sue Curves for being an all woman's gym.

It's the same principle. It's discriminating against me because I'm a man. I don't care if that's their business model, New Jersey's lawsuit shows that it's discriminating.

All I can say is wow. If there were no alternatives to eHarmony for homosexual matches, create one. There's a new business idea. Don't sue to change someone else's business model. BAD.

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~E said...

Agreed. people need to stop bitching about stupid shit.

also notice that I have foregone previous attempts at not cussing anymore.

lots of pain + not enough pain medications = crazy bitchy dimes.