Friday, January 23, 2009

Apparently times are tough..

Thank God for some real job security. While tens of thousands of Puget Sound workers are finding the axe, I'm lucky to not have that worry. Not even a little. While companies are reporting losses for the year, our numbers are way up. Apparently worldwide shipping is a profitable business.

This is where I mix up my 5 year plan a little. I'm keeping the plan intact, however, I'm keeping an open mind on if it happens in 5 years or not. While those that have been shown the door figure out where they want to work or what they want to do, the economy around Seattle is going to slow. Not the best time to take a business live 100%. Rather, it's a great time to just do the planning, the paperwork, the policies needed, then look for some different opportunities and do some part time work for things that come in. When there is a surge of small business and opportunity, then it's time to pull the trigger. Jumping too early means disaster, and who wants to be homeless??

On that note, TGIF! It's Friday.. Nothing really important to note, just another day. I'm definitely going to keep updating my business blog, I'm going through ideas on which things to hit on, like different series based off the day.. Like Management Monday, Tech Tuesday, etc. But I don't know that I'll do one everyday.

OH! One thing I did hear on the way in to work that made me wonder about is how there are so many stupid men out there?! One of the ladies on the radio show I sometimes listen to was bitching because her husband didn't call her back after her ultrasound. Even after she sent him pics. Apparently, 4 hours later he finally called back. This is their first kid btw.

HOW?! If that's your first kid, how the hell are you not at the ultrasound with her to begin with?? If it's the 3rd or 4th, ok, no problem, I understand that it's "old news" in a sense. But you'd still call afterwords to find out the sex, make sure it's healthy, etc. How does a guy who's married and wanting kids with his wife just pass it off as though she was just trying to tell him about her breakfast? (I was going to use the BB analogy there that S² uses, but really, who calls to tell about that?!)

I'd be excited as one could imagine. I'd be open to go to every doctor appointment. It doesn't matter if it's just a checkup. This is your child, your DNA, your future. If you're not excited about the idea, then you needed to think about that before taking the steps to have kids.

I know, he's scaaaared.. Please. Being scared doesn't mean you're going to ignore your wife after the most important event with your first child. I don't know, maybe I just don't understand because I could never fathom ever being like that. But then again, I'm also the guy that has no problems running in to buy tampons either.

Still. Not good if you ask me.

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~E said...

I agree with the ultrasound...the daddy better be there or he's toast! But then again, you didn't hear the guy's side of the story. Maybe he was incapacitated, or died for a short time and then was revived.