Monday, January 26, 2009

It's January....... right?

I got a huge case of spring fever on the way in. I mean it's sunny out with no clouds in the sky. What a way to start the week. Despite the cold I felt like I should have rode the bike to work today. Looking at Komo4's weather for the week however, it looks like today's the only possible day.

Looking at the rain coming, I decided to check how the weekend treated the different mountain ski resorts. It did snow in the lowlands this weekend, plus some rain, so it had to have snowed in the mountains too..... right? Or you know, they got 2" of snow in the past 48hrs. TWO INCHES. In January. COME ON. I got all this cool winter gear that just sits and waits. It's 5 degrees up there tho. Sounds like a great time, if you're a damn polar bear... Maybe this upcoming rain will bring good snow to the mountains!

Overall, kind of a slow blog day. The weekend went well, not losing one game all weekend. Including the nail biter final to our football game. A great defensive flag football game helps keep the adrenaline going for the entire time. It was intense and exciting.

Super Bowl is this weekend too, thinking about throwing a party since there is no softball. We'll see how the week starts to pan out and then we'll go from there. But I think it'd be a great idea. Then again, I kind of have another idea that'd be fun too. Again, we'll see how this week plays out and decide from there....

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