Wednesday, January 28, 2009

As the world gets smaller....

Holy crap odd. Odd enough I must blog about it. I have a knack for remembering faces, though not names. So I could remember seeing someone at the store for example, then see them again months later and think that I've seen that person somewhere before. I may or may not remember where, just depends. That's how my mind works, faces are easy, names are harder.

When PB & I put together our football team, I was looking through our opponents that were scheduled against us. Teams that had played previously had pics of those teams, and looking at the first team we played I just recognized one woman on that team. I figured it's because I play enough sports, she's probably played on some other league or something along that line.

After my great lunch today, I went over to the corporate break room to get something to drink and I swore the woman at the table with others was the coach of that first team. Nah, couldn't be. So I came back to my desk, pulled up the team page of that team, pulled up my company directory and ... holy shit! So I've been chatting with her about who else plays for her that works here. Professional networking at it's finest! Plus, she said they have a hard time finding players sometimes, thus another outlet to play when I don't want to get a team together. Sweeeeeet!

The world sure does shrink!!

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