Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The hits keep coming & coming...

almost 90,000 this week. That's job losses people. By Wednesday of this week, over 90,000 people have lost their job nationwide. As it's that time of year when the companies report to Wall Street their earnings, they are announcing job cuts to help push off the chance of a collapse.

So this week is half over and we're pushing 100,000. We already have 200,000 for the year. In JANUARY. Last year we had as a country around 2.6 million jobs lost for the year. The single most since 1945. I find that stat with mixed emotions. Because there are more people than 1945, it's probably not near as damaging, but then again, that's a lot of money that's no longer being spent in the local economy.

Sadly, there's not a whole lot that any individual employee can do to make sure that they don't lose their job. Well, other than picking an industry that is safe. But then again, what is safe? Microsoft is laying people off, Home Depot is laying people off, banks, manufacturing, construction, real estate, retail, everyone is making cuts.

Well I should be grateful that I have all that I do. People are going to continue to hit rough times, so those of us that are ok will definitely have to help out where we can. However, there's a fine line with that "help". As many who lose their job or home (or both) do get depressed, help isn't the easiest thing to accept. While down, offering help can take them even further down, offering to pay for lunch or dinner makes them feel like they can't pull their own weight. The biggest thing you can do to keep them happy with that? Do free things... Go to the park, play catch, be active. Just be a friend.

So on a brighter note ummmm the Super Bowl is coming up? Or even better, they are looking at expanding the liquor selection in Washington's liquor stores. I doubt we'll see Everclear anyday, but hey, more choices is still a positive.

OH and a definite plus is that the vending machine over at the corporate office has Bit-O-Honey! That is a huge plus. mmmmmmm

Ok, that's good enough for now. Nothing has really touched a nerve lately, just been busy with 'life'.

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