Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sorting through older files..

While doing some disk cleanup on my web server I found an old logo from when I was messing around.. It's quite entertaining really...

Click for the full size version (in a new window)!

Yeaaaah, apparently I was passing all kinds of ideas off.. But doing this maintenance, I found an old story that I will be reposting after this..

I just have to copy/paste and format to this window, as it has pictures and a write up that will take up probably the whole page. It is quite long. Mother's Day of 2006. I shall never forget that day and the experience gained..

Some other notable pics I found:

Who knew Jeep's could even get this fast? However this was before the tire change, lift, etc..

Hmm, I took this with my phone probably about 3 years ago of an incoming storm that looked absolutely nasty!

And finally, last, but definitely not least.. one of the fun pictures I took of one of my heroes.

I think I need to go to bed earlier when I know I have to get up at 5:30 to work. Though I can say there is a certain satisfaction in getting up, putting on my super comfy robe, then sitting downstairs doing work without having to commute, sit in the office, and listen to people talk. Working from home will never get old.

Well it's lunch time, time to go reheat some of that excellent dinner that PB cooked last night.. After that I'll work on porting that story into this blog format to share with the world how I nearly could have died & totaled my brand new $25,000 Jeep when it was just 3 months old!

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