Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I think I'm going to start posting photoshops into my blog. By photoshop I mean actual pictures that I take that I then photoshop in whatever way to make them look different/better/worse. The key is actually photoshopping them first. I will also then post the orginal above or below it to show the differences..

That will start after I finish playing with fire & tools in the garage so that I may get the Honda out of it.. That little muffler "break" is a fun little project. I should take some more pics of it and it's completion. Maybe tonight. I need to go buy a torch after work to finish the project. Gotta weld the metal together to keep it quiet and permanent.

Other fire/fun projects I need to do: strip the bike of it's stickers, give it an oil change, apply new stickers to the Jeep, change it's oil, move the winch box inside the hood, take the rear seat out and fix that, build a speaker box for it, put that in, then change the differential fluids as well as the spark plugs.

All this while playing sports 3 nights a week (Fri, Sat, Sun) while going to church Sun mornings and snowboarding sometime in there over the next 2 months. Staying busy? Just a little bit. But I like it. Besides, when I'm rocking out in the garage I get cooked real kick-ass dinners. Which reminds me, I should have her type up the recipe to last nights amazing dish so I can post it to my recipe blog.

Anyhow, time to go back to drafting up some football plays & making sure the nations ports run smoothly..