Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Be a dreamer. If you don't know how to dream, you're dead.

So today starts another fun rain storm. It's foggy, dreary and just crappy out. I miss the nice days already, I want to get out on my bike damn it! Speaking of that, I need to start it one night after work and let it run and warm up a bit.

Oh well, this is Seattle after all right?

Things I've learned through the last near 24hrs:
  • Dimes watches football enough to analyze things about the games. As deep as comparing home/away jerseys of teams and who their quarterbacks are.. I mean, damn I didn't even know that Shaun Hill was the starting QB for the 49ers. I thought it was still going to be O'Sullivan.
  • The more I talk to one person, the more I realize I'm almost talking to myself. She actually said that last night as well. Because regardless of who's speaking, me or her, it's like the words coming out match what the other would be saying as well. Makes talking and hanging out that much easier. Crazy.
  • Dick's is probably the single best burger place in Seattle. Sadly they are only in Seattle proper, not in the 'burbs. Damn Dick, expand!
Just had a chat with PB. She had a rough day at work yesterday that totally flipped 180* today. So she was excited and wanted to tell me about it. Go figure that all that happened before she saw my text to her this morning, then saw that and just added to the great day she's having thus far. She's turning me back into a phone person again too I noticed.

Well as usual, it's taken me a ton of time to write this daily blog out. This is a good start for the day, maybe I'll blog once I get home and unwind. Sometime around 4:21. As it's 4:19.


~E said...

Let's see if you can guess what you said that is making me leave this comment:


3 guesses. GO!

..:: C ::.. said...

I only need one. ;)