Friday, November 14, 2008


Well, it's technically 3a.m. So I guess this can be my craptastic Friday blog. At about this point in the day I'm blank. But I'm not tired. PB is passed out on my couch. I'm glad she was here with me actually, as I don't know that I'd have been as calm should otherwise..

Here's a good recap for the day, I'm sure I'll blog out the process that I'm about to go through, might as well save it for history right??

All day at work, I have a pretty damn good day.. I leave around 5:30 and this is when life really turned ..... fun. Heading up the freeway on the way home, it started to get congested at it's normal point. Switching lanes was routine for me so I could head towards home. As I check my blindspot quickly I turn my head to realize the person in front of me slamming on his brakes. This leads me to slam on mine and turn my wheel quickly to try any kind of evasive maneuver. However, I only had less than a .5 second to do anything which, well, in a Jeep is virtually impossible to turn that fast. I then proceed to hit the back side of a small import which then hits the guy in front of him, and then the lady in front of him. 4 cars in all, including mine. So needless to say I was not happy.. Having never been in an accident before, I now get to wade through all the BS of that accident and insurance hell I'm sure..

So I text PB when I'm sitting there on the side of the road while the State Patrol is doing their thing telling her a little bit.. She tells me to call her when I can, which is what I do when I get back to the towing place, my Jeep being backed into it's temporary storage facility. She offers to come get me despite just pulling into her house from work (sweetheart or what?).. Being down already, I couldn't turn her down to get any of my other friends, as I knew seeing her would definitely help me feel better. While I wait for her to get down to me, I call my mom and a few others to get things out there that I'm ok, this is what happened, etc.

We stop at her house on the way to mine so she can change and be more comfortable. We also grab the Family Guy DVD so there's some humor to make the night better.. Little did we know.... So we talk and chat about her day, my day, how the accident happened, etc the whole way to the house. We pull in, get out, I open the door and take off my shoes and start walking towards the back... Guess what I see?

YEP! My back door is wide open.. I'm like wtf, this can't be real, how'd that happen? As I walk back, I see glass all over my floor.. YEP! Someone decided to break into my window, open it, and then let themselves through, then I'm guessing let someone else in the back door. Oh and they left through the door by the pool table. Awesome. So I call 911, walking around the house and seeing what's not where it should be, what's missing, wondering who the fuck was in my house, and just overall wondering wtf I did to have a day like today..

As of this blog what's missing...
  • My 15" Macbook Pro. I had it upgraded to 4g of RAM, so I will be watching CraigsList for it.
  • My digital camera.
  • My Xbox Controller battery pack recharger (no shit)
  • My .380 (great, now an armed intruder..). However, they left me my .45. Maybe they'll come back & I can show them how it works.. hmmmm
  • Alaska's two pool sticks (est $2k, not even including the sentimental value)
  • I think a bunch of CD's. I say I think, because as I was in my computer room earlier, I looked over and the top row of CD's has very few CD's. But because I cut over all my CD's to MP3, I never looked at them.. The more I think about it though, the more I think they did.
I don't know at this point that's all I know is gone. They had unplugged everything from my TV like they were thinking about taking it or my XBox as it was in the middle of my floor. When I was plugging everything back in so we could still watch Family Guy (hey, still needed to laugh, more than ever), I think my wire mess saved my xbox. Not only do I have a ton of wires behind my TV, I zip tied them together. Thus, when they were trying to get cords and things, it was nasty for them.

After the cop came, I talked to both the neighbor across the street and then next door as well. All the while PB was by my side. She gave me a big hug when we were upstairs too, just when I really needed it. I called my landlady, they brought some plywood in the back of their truck and put it up for me. PB, working for a cleaning company that specializes in vandalism and things of that nature, went into work mode, sweeping up all the glass and doing a spectacular job.

We left after the board was up, going to get some food, we were both starving and it was already 10:40. After realizing that most places were closed, including Red Robin, we decided on Jack-In-The-Box. It was good. We brought it back and ate while watching Family Guy. Cuddled up halfway through the movie, it was nice. She started falling asleep though, as did I, on the couch, but I got up, and she passed out. Asking me to set the alarm for 6:30. She didn't want to move upstairs, I think she thought walking upstairs and all that would wake her up. Which is fine, I just don't really like the idea of her down there on the couch. I've already walked down there 2-3 times just to check on her. I'll end up being her wakeup alarm, there's not a real good chance I'll be sleeping in the next 2 hours.

But out of all the sadness, some good things have come from it. Ok, I can't think of what some things are, just one. PB. I know I have great friend support. A couple phone calls and I'd had more than one person on their way here. That's why they're my friends. But she easily didn't have to do any of what she did today. We've known each other like 3 weeks. I'm so glad she was here though. It just felt right.

Well I've stayed up late enough (4:30 now), my mom's online. So I'm gonna chat with her a few and call this one a wrap. No neat pictures, nothing for this blog. Maybe later.