Thursday, November 13, 2008

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Time to start another 5hr blog. As I look at the clock on my work laptop, I see that it's about 9-9:30a everyday that I start a blog entry. Then it's usually 12-1p by the time I finish it out. Damn work interruptions, can't they see how busy I am typing up my blog?! hahaha

Things I've learned ?
  • Definitely don't eat just salad for dinner. By that I mean just lettuce & salad dressing. A grilled chicken salad at like Red Robin is ok, but just a Caesar salad out of a bag is not. Just a note to live by.
  • Guitar Hero is really hard @ 4:21. I'm going to have to try it @ 4:19. I think (or friggin hope) that it might be a tad easier on me.
So I used my mad Google ninja skills and found an address that could be very handy to have. As Dimes and I have been discussing the past 10 minutes, at this point, it could go either direction if I use it now. Which I planned on tomorrow if I do it anyway, so we'll wait and see how the next 24hrs go before making my choice.

We shall see. Tomorrow I will blog about the choice I made and how tonight went. Hard to say at this point. I'd say I'm about 70% sure I will, tonight will make that number go +/- 25%. If - then nothing tomorrow. If + then yes tomorrow. If +/- 0%, then I may just flip a coin.

Apparently I don't know many music people. I say this because I was on CMT last night, PB & I had watched My Big Redneck Wedding the night before, and I saw an interview w/ Kid Rock before the CMA Awards, talking about a guest guitarist. When he came on to perform I was watching for someone I would recognize and being a kick ass guitar player would be on stage with him. Sadly I didn't see anyone special or different. Turns out, one of them was Lil Wayne & he wasn't even playing, rather just looking like he was playing. I had no idea who the guy was. Whoops.

That show was good though, there were some very good moments, some great songs, some very good people. I think I'm entering that country mood now, where it's time to start listening more again. I seem to sway from time to time. Needing some 80's & 90's to then going to hip hop or rap, then maybe some country.

Well tomorrow's Friday too. WHOOHOOO! About damn time! Stay dry all & drive safe!

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~E said...

You think anyone else got the whole percentage +/- thing other than me and you?

And by me and you I really mean "YOU".

Im gonna call you in a bit but I figure I'd let you settle down first.