Sunday, November 9, 2008

Where's the pause button?!

I need more hours, just no more work hours. That's what I want. Because I seem to attract more people that need/want more time..

Things I learned today..
  • My dad's an f*ing pool shark.. I can play when I want to play, and even when I stepped it up, he continued to wipe the floor with me. Sadly I was playing well and couldn't pull it off.
  • My furnace, water heater AND stove top are all on the natural gas line.
Yes, as noted above, I know what appliances I have on natural gas now. I got home Friday night to a note on my door saying they were out fixing a gas leak. Yes that's right, a gas leak.. apparently they were checking my meter and smelled gas. So they called out a crew, who shut the gas off, fixed the leak, then wouldn't start my gas again, so I could be notified and the pilot lights be lit when the gas was turned on. I saw it, figured I'd call when I got up in the morning today. Well, yeah, I had to rush that choice, once I realized my hot water heater is on it. No hot shower (especially when I have company) means they need to get out here and get my gas on! Luckily for me, after leaks they do connects 7 days a week. So the guy was here about 2 hours after I called it in. Thank god, I was in a panic, knowing I had company coming and had no hot water!

Well, that's it for tonight. Gonna finish with one last statement: Of course I do Dimes, it's the perfect size for you with just the right punch.. ;)

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~E said...

oh yeah? what is it? one of those little guns you can store in a little ankle holster? Cuz that would be cool!