Monday, November 10, 2008

My how I love your whispering eye..

So now let us go gingerly touch our tips! Ahhh for those that haven't seen it, Role Models is a great movie. However, if you're offended by seeing boobs on screen, there is plenty of it in this one so you might want to go somewhere else. Plus language, can't forget that. But it's hilarious for those of you not easily offended.

Let's see, did I learn anything this weekend....
  • I need to not overthink things when it comes to women, just go with the damn flow!
  • I know now, why all new movies keep breaking records when they're popular. It's because it's $10 a damn person! Not that it wasn't worth it, because it was, but man, that price sure does jump!

1 comment:

~E said...

1) I'm not offended by boobs. I see a pair every single day of my life since I was 10. YES 10! don't judge me! and DONT STARE!!!!!

2) If you're still single at 40 and I'm still single at 36, I'll make the sacrifice and marry your ass.

--cuz then I'll get 50% of the bike if we split up.

--and cuz there'd be 1/32 chance that my kids (with you) will have blue eyes and 1/8 chance that they'll have really light eyes.

--and because I cherish the amusement of having a husband call his wife Dimes in front of people ;)