Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Change is not merely necessary to life — it is life.

.. and change there is. Not a little bit of change even, but a lot of change. After Election Day '08, things will forever be changed. People (some anyhow) looked past race and age and decided that things that were previously working would not work any longer. Out goes Bush and anything else the Republican's controlled. Sadly though, that also appears to be the case with the Washington governor race as well. That's one place we needed change to Republican to get the Wicked Witch of the West out of there.

Enough people were fed up with the economy, the war, Bush, & all the crap. John McCain seems to be a nice guy. But so were my grandpa's, and well, in their 70's, I wouldn't want them presidents either, and I love them. He's about 4-5 years from a nursing home. I'm surprised he got as many votes as he did to begin with. But that's what America is all about. Grandpa's, Mom's, Dad's, anyone can run.

But on the humor side of it, today's Myspace & Facebook status messages are quite entertaining. People bummed, talking about the rise of Socialism, Communism, distributing the wealth, etc. It's going to be an entertaining few months I'm sure, as those people refuse to accept the change. Instead they'll critique every move, saying the whole way "This is why he shouldn't have won.." because you know, McCain would have been so much better... only problem is, over 50% of America doesn't agree. Which is why McCain's heading back to his Senate job while he has it.

So the life of a technical nerd includes trash talking over work email in database queries. For example, a knock on me and "No-arms" out of Vegas..

Select * from CANDERSO_HAREM
where ARMS <> 2

Then we all start combating each other in SQL querries. Yes, we are those people. I think later today I'm going to blog about the above statement and how I feel about that whole thing.. Because I've put a ton of thought into it, for reasons I don't know that I understand fully yet..

Things I learned yesterday...
  • I'm growing up. I know that's kind of obvious, but I realized as people were forwarding stupid text messages about the election, that I didn't really think it was funny. I knew the historic event unfolding around me & the last thing I thought was that it was a funny thing. I didn't find the racist or crude remarks funny even in the slightest. Which is really odd, since I find almost anything funny and nothing tabboo. I guess when you're dealing with something that is as historic as MLK, it's hard to see the humor in stupid shit like that.
  • That after 3 years of living & enjoying the single life, I'm slowly starting to hate it. Well, maybe hate is a strong word? I just see all these things I really want to do, and I'm kind of getting tired of not having someone to share them with. Though funny enough I think out of all the people I've met, somehow, I think PB has it. But we'll see.
This is all for right now. I hope all my friends are having a great Wednesday and the woman of my dreams is thinking about what she wants for the future.

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