Monday, November 3, 2008

Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes...

Ok, so it appears I don't blog a lot on the weekends... I was going to last night but mid paragraph my internet went down and when I went to bed it was still down. Luckily, it was up this morning when I went to work. I'm kind of glad I skipped last night, I had so many things mentally running through my head, I was having a problem actually putting them on paper (or screen).

This year, November will be a little different. It'll be 3 years of learning and growth on my part, flying solo, doing my thing. Things have changed a ton since 2005. I think that's the thing that surprises me most, though I know I'm not the only one surprised by that fact. 3 years and I'm still single. That used to last a week or two, maybe a month. Those that have known me the longest definitely know I normally don't stay single for long. I guess it's different when you get royally burnt and refuse to just spend that quality time with anyone that you meet.

I've been asked through people I've met, questions online from dating sites, etc, what it is I wish most for the future. Honestly, now that I've got a house, I kind of miss the domestic piece. Having someone to share it with. Cooking dinners, watching movies, breakfast in bed, etc. I think that is the one thing I really look forward to is that. But I'm not going to rush it. I'm not going to worry about it. I'd rather be single and live life then settle down with someone full of red flags, which has been my past. So single for as long as I have been is not a bad thing, or well, I suppose it's not. Everything happens for a reason right?

New lesson of the weekend..... no more freakin picture mail sending. I sent a cheer up pic to PT on Thursday night. After she told me about her totaling her car in an accident earlier that day. However, she received it Saturday morning at 3am. Ummm, given the events of Friday for her, it didn't need to get there then. I'd rather it just failed and not gone at all. Oh well. But it appears my earlier observation was somewhat accurate on the drama piece! The other one is still somewhat of an unknown..

New lesson #2, don't go play blackjack with a guy that apparently doesn't know how to play. Though on the fun side his dumbass moves made it fun to flirt with the dealer. We were sharing looks all night. Sadly though, I am not so sure how one would pass a # over to a dealer, given the strict rules of casino's. So I didn't. But really, who the fuck hits on a 17?! And splits 10's with a dealer face card showing? Who splits 10's anyway?! Needless to say, no more gambling around that crap. It's one thing when it's a video game, it's another when it's real money.

Well, that's a good enough start, I'm sure I'll blab on tonight later once I get home. Due to fairly tight expenses the next two weeks, I'll be chilling at home more than a lot of other activities.

Fun times!

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