Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I can't do everyday..

.... I'm just not that hardcore. Dimes reports in her blog that there's a 'Blog daily for a month' contest for faithful bloggers. I guess the idea is to blog everyday for a month, but November is their big giveaway month. I wasn't sure what it was exactly so I figured I'd Google it and see what I'd find. But as I've said above, I just won't do everyday. Especially if my internet doesn't quit sucking balls at night. That's right, only at night the past 2 nights does my Internet just suck. I wake up and it's fine, like there was never a problem. It better work tonight or Comcast will be getting an unhappy phone call.

Things I learned yesterday... hmmm I didn't do a whole lot yesterday, but I did learn that ESPN (which is owned by Disney) is democrat based. I learned this because they did a Monday Night Football interview with both McCain & Obama. I would say Obama definitely got more speaking time & was the first interview. McCains was shorter and there wasn't really any kind of intro. Definitely something interesting to see. Or maybe that was just my read.

On a side note for history's sake, today's election day '08. The mud slinging is finally going to slow down after today. No more stupid ass political commercials, though I'm sure there's going to be recounts and lawsuits, if it follows '04. Wonder if Washington will see another stolen governor election.... but given the presidential election it'll be hushed away like in '04. Soon it will be over at least.

G-Money has his second interview here today. I can't wait, I'm hoping he gets it. He needs a good company like this. There are secondary benefits, but those are very minor compared to the good reasons.


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~E said...

If you're refering to the Redskins-Steelers game yesterday you're right. They totally gave Obama love and made McCain look like a goober. But anyhoo...did you also catch them mention that everytime the Redskins win the day before elections the past 13 seasons, the Republicans won? And can I also mention that the Redskins totally got kicked in the nads by the Steelers yesterday? Yep yep yep.