Friday, November 7, 2008


I'm going to try and ween myself away from writing any future political based blogs, at least for the time being. However, I must plug Dimes' blog, because well, she articulates her thoughts very well and without the anger that is evident in my rants about the stupid people.. So A+..
Something I've learned since yesterday:
  • I love understanding my Jeep in ways most people don't understand their vehicles. I say this because even the slightest change in the way it drives I know how to react. For example, as I started hydroplaning last night, I knew the feel, I knew how it'd handle, I knew how to bring it back without even a slide or motion that would have notified anyone with me. They'd not even know that I kept us from doing 360's down 167! Gotta love that!
  • That apparently I need to wind down a little bit.. I first heard I was a little hyper and what not from one person.. Thinking they were nuts I laughed it off after they had mentioned it once we were off the phone.. I mean, me hyper, it was a good day, I was just glad to be home and happy. Then a second person mentioned it. Totally different people, saying close to the same thing.. Whooops, that's me. So I learned to tone it down a bit while on the phone, even if I'm hyper. Just relax, deep breath and enjoy the day, without being crazy!

Well, I start blogging early. This one was started at 11. It is now almost 2:30. SO my daily blogs entail a lot of the day, as well as last night. Oh well. I shared 2 pitchers at lunch so I can blog about whatever after that..

Well it's Friday, so enjoy your weekends, if it's like last week, I won't blog until Monday. We'll see!!

Take care!


~E said...

ya know...those two pitchers at lunch should start you on the way of toning down the hyper.

~E said...

Just remember its a good kinda crazy.

Keep repeating those words to yourself "good crazy good crazy good crazy" to keep yourself from going postal at people.

Those words and these:

"I have an extra gun and ammo for dimes...i have an extra gun and ammo for dimes...i have an extra gun and ammo for dimes"