Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Tempora mutantur nos et mutamur in illis

I know I hit on it before, but it's even more interesting now.. As change is here and people start to realize that things won't be the same (because we really wanted the same right?), the little tidbits people post, talk about on forums, blogs and things seem to be the same. They spout off about different pieces of information that still aren't true. Funny thing is, it gets them no where.. you can't sway people now. You want to say he's a terrorist, or communist, or anything of that nature... great. Please do. However, with your "argument" please quote facts, including a source. The email you were forwarded from your sisters baby's daddy's uncle who got it from his co-worker's cousin who saw an article online somewhere on MySpace won't really count as a source though. How about something with some real substance to it... Like for example, I referenced McCain's age before. I don't like that he's old, and not just a fresh senior citizen, but old. He's 72. That's a fact. The average US life expectancy (per the CIA) is 75.9. Meaning that if elected, there's a chance he'd be dead before he even finishes his term. <<See that? That's my opinion about not liking his age mixed with facts to show he is indeed 72, and the life expectancy is 75.9. Notice how that works, then you can combat my facts with your personal opinion on why being near death age is ok to be president.

However, they won't find facts for their stupidity argument.. Because most everything they want to link, connect, bitch about, cry about, and be upset over is just their pissy attitude that their candidate lost. It's how life will be for you.. win some, lose some. If you're that big of a baby because you lost, I can't even imagine what it must be like to play any kind of game or sport against you. The type that loses at pool and throws their stick across the room. Because it was definitely the stick's fault, not the tool holding it.

It is funny to note, we may not be (as) racist... but there is plenty of stupid out there. I'm open to others opinions. And opinions don't always require facts. But if you're going to spout off about someone and state things as if they are facts, well, better verify them before hand. 'nuff said.

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