Thursday, November 6, 2008

It likes to sprinkle in Seattle....

Yet, I've noticed a number of drive-thru places that don't have any kind of cover for the car at the window. Who's idea was this? Seriously, I mean, if I roll my window down to pay, get my food, etc, and all I do is get wet for the time it's down, do you think I'm going to go there again? I know I could roll my window up after I pay, whatever, but my windows are manual, takes too much time when it's just a little while. Point is, I shouldn't have to!

Things I've learned since last blog:
  • G-Money hooked me up goooood. Last night was fun. I love my friends.
  • I will not eat at places without a cover on the drive-thru, see above.
  • While I don't mind race type jokes (that's right Dimes, you're my little twinkie!) usually, I'm kind of disturbed at the # of racist text messages going around about our new President actually. I'm not sure why yet, I just know I'm not impressed nor laughing at any of them I end up receiving. Maybe it's because the jokes poke fun at stereotypes, however he's far from your normal stereotype, thus those jokes just aren't funny.
So apparently I get the newspaper now. Despite never reading it. Greaaat. My landlady bought a 3-mo subscription at a Seahawks game so she could get a 'free' t-shirt. Her partner did the same, so she had one subscription going to my house & they kept the other for where they are at. They just need to throw it further up by the garage. Whatever happened to the paper near your door. Was that just back in the day or do some places still get that?

Well the rain has started.. Looks to be around for a while even. Oh well, it already gets dark early, might as well throw the full package in now. Less of a shock than it doing it later I suppose. Hell, it's November, where's the snow?! On that note it's almost time where the stores swap to Christmas music and decorations. I think I found my next tree though. Just need to start working on it soon though!

Well, time to finish up some work then get out of the office.. It's taken me most of the day to type this up as it is. I'm sure there will be more entries tonight later.

Peace out yo! ha


~E said...

Ya know. You might want to clarify that when you say "dimes, the little twinkie" you are referring to Moi. Bcuz, some people...not me obviously...but some people might think you're referring to something more pervy. If you know what I mean.

You your boxer buddy. Your little commander. Mr. Pee pee?

~E said...



yeah that's right, I'm pulling the strings ya' freaky little puppet! (<-- from a movie, and I can't remember the name of it right now)